View Full Version : Linux on Sparc?

30th September 2002, 23:55
I've finally gotten life in my old SparcStation 10 and was thinking of getting some distro of Linux for it.

Do anyone of you know of a distro that will work on a low end Sparc?

It's a sun4m architecture, 50 MHz TI Processor, 64MB Ram, 1GB HD.

Installation over network must be possible due to the fact that I do not own a SCSI CDROM.

1st October 2002, 02:33
The Gentoo site has SPARC install instructions, so I guess there's that one.

1st October 2002, 08:04
I think every major Linux distro has a SPARC architecure port. Search the web.

1st October 2002, 11:37
Most distros have discarded support for the sun4m.

I'm downloading Redhat 6.2 'Zoot' now and hope it will work.