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30th September 2002, 13:57
ok got myself a MSI745 today. the reason is here (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36408). already love it! :)

unlocked the multi, and did some serious o/c. as of now my XP 1600+ AGOIA runs at 1680Mhz (12 x 140). memory is some cheap hyunix or sth. CL2.5 PC2100. vCORE 1.800, vMEM 2.7V, mem timings: normal-6-3-3. it did 5-3-3 up to 138Mhz.

i might try to push the FSB 1,2 or 3 Mhz higher but first i need to know: is it safe to set vMEM to 2.8V? and if yes does it help? and what are the hidden (F3) memory settings good for?

and sth. is strange: the system wont boot at mem 5-2-2 even if the FSB is at 100 :confused: i have to clear the CMOS. bios is 1.3

did run superPI a few times and did some UT2003 demo loops, rock stable so far :)

30th September 2002, 14:38
I've been running mine with the mem @ 2.7v strangely enouugh it doesn't work at all set to 2.8v

30th September 2002, 14:51
ok i'll try one more mhz if it doesnt work i'll keep it at v2.7, i think 1680Mhz is good enough from 1400Mhz :) nice stepping it seems :)

30th September 2002, 15:16
1703 :) really amazing. 12 x 142, i'm not going any higher. the msi745 was really worth every penny :), my k7s5a only let me do 10.5 x 143 (1501) stable.

in wcpuid it shows that the chipset supports side band adressing but it's disabled. is there a way to enable it and does it increase gfx speed at all? also in the mem settings options in the bios there is spread spectrum and the option below (stop/action), are both best left disabled or enabled?

30th September 2002, 15:27
I have Spead Spectrum enabled and Stop on the mem.

Sideband addressing is enabled here

30th September 2002, 15:31
hmm the nvidia display thingy shows chipset support SB, gfx supports SBA but it's not enabled. there is also an option "enable sba" but it turns off when i click ok :rolleyes: same for agp rate etc. - i need some MTSTU for nvidia cards now :)

30th September 2002, 15:37
Try PowerStrip. With this you can enable Sidebanding and Fastwrites without even a restart needed (but it might be that your sytem will do a "forced restart" (crash ;) ) if you set those values....)

30th September 2002, 15:48
enabled it with rivatuner. tried 144 but it will bluescreen eventually, even with more vcore. and fw is not supported.

30th September 2002, 15:55
FW is supported in Win98 tho... dunno what's up with XP

30th September 2002, 16:24
ut2003 crashes with sba after a few secs, went down to fsb 138, still crashes. bye bye sba :)

30th September 2002, 16:43
SBA works with Parhelia at least ;)

Dr Mordrid
30th September 2002, 17:13
Yes it does :D

Dr. Mordrid

30th September 2002, 17:28
but parhelia doesnt work with my budget ;)

30th September 2002, 18:07
...we feel for ya...

1st October 2002, 02:09
Those are really nice results with a Zalman 5000 cooler. I guess you value the lack of noise, but also want to overclock. If you can afford it, try getting a Thermalright AX-7 or SLK-800 and sticking a low noise 80mm fan on it, think you could eek a few more MHz that way.

If you are looking for new RAM, try Samsung. Lucky pick could get you 180MHz+ at decent latencies.

1st October 2002, 03:13
it gets really hot under heavy load (70C). but it has not crashed so far, i will go back to 141 or 140 though if it does.

1st October 2002, 04:35
You seriously need to invest in a better cooler... those temps are insane and most assuredly will shorten it's life expectency

1st October 2002, 04:47
And, with that cooler I WOULDN'T EVEN CONSIDER oc'ing!!!

1st October 2002, 05:15
the cooler is not that bad (and looks great ;)), it is the fan that needs to run faster (at ~7V now), but it's just to loud at 12V!

one app crashed in the meanwhile (not sure if cpu or mem) so i lowered to 140Mhz, temp is ~67C at full now. probably because i could lower the vcore to 1.775 now.

i will also slap a HUGE heatsink on the GF3 and try to run it with no fan.

1st October 2002, 05:20
If you're so concerned about noise, wy not try to get your hands on some decent water cooling???

1st October 2002, 05:22
Or you could run a 386 with no fans...

1st October 2002, 05:25
i will get myself some water cooling. dont have the cash handy right now.

1st October 2002, 05:26
GNEP: nah look in my sig, no fans runs a lot faster :)

1st October 2002, 05:28
and at that rate you'll end up with a dead cpu with a great looking POS heatsink attached to it.

Pull that fan off and put a good high output 92mm fan on and run that @7vdc... should still be quiet and run significantly cooler. Take some cardboard or craft foam (etc) and make a duct to connect them... shoot better yet would be todo the same with a 120mm fan.

Or as Novdid said... (see sig)

1st October 2002, 05:39
thop: Ahh! I see...

I just bunged a Zalman 6000Cu (92mm fan) onto an Athlon 1.3 - I don't overclock, but boy is it quieter than the horrid aluminium HS and 6 or 7k rpm fan that was on there before.

Now I can hear the Parhelia... and now am thinking that it is too loud.

Then the PSU...

This could get expensive!

1st October 2002, 06:33
nah really the 5100cu isnt so bad, it's not the zalman flower.


1st October 2002, 10:31
one of the problems the 5100 suffers from is it's straight through air flow design. This minimizes the actual air contact with the fins. What you need to add is some vortex generators. One way would be to add couple thin circular strips of whatever material (even paper would suffice) and tack them on the base. Another way of getting the same result would be to bend each fin in a zigzap pattern the same way on each so that each would cause the air to be so to speak be bounced off of one another.

In addition to the above also try flipping the fan around so that it is sucking and not blowing.

Also adding at least one more case fan to increase airflow would be helpful. I wouldn't be against adding a blow port on the case side and exhausting the heated air (via duct) outside the case. If doing this I'd suggest using at least a 92mm high output fan and wire it up with a SPDT switch so you can toggle between 7vdc for normal quiet operation and 12vdc for when gaming, really hot days use.

1st October 2002, 11:14
Just pick up a Thermalright AX7/SLK800 and a nice/quiet 80mm Panaflo/SanyoDenki/Pabst and you'll be set...

2nd October 2002, 10:54
hey K6-III that 1.9Ghz is that air cooled?

2nd October 2002, 11:16
Yup, Thermalright AX7 w/Delta SHE 80mm running through a rheobus...

I can boot into Windows at 1.97ghz@2.1v, but I can't run any 3D apps without locking up....1.92ghz@2.15v is the highest I can go stable, but I tend to run it at 1.9ghz@2v more so I can run the Delta at more sane volumes....

2nd October 2002, 11:27
At wich temps??

2nd October 2002, 11:54
ah voltage mod, now that explains everythig (i guess) :)

2nd October 2002, 12:03
Originally posted by Technoid
At wich temps??

Seeing as the temps are now dropping in Minnesota, I can keep it under 50C with ease with the windows open...

Peaks at 54C with my Delta running at 1/3 power running at 1.9ghz@2v

No voltmod, BTW. I can go all the way upto 2.2v in the bios with the 8K3A+....one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to the Epox 8RDA+....

2nd October 2002, 18:28
at what ambient room temp?

(if ya gonna tell the story, tell the whole story ;)

2nd October 2002, 18:35
74F right now

It had to drop to 65F in order for it to boot into windows at 1.97ghz...

3rd October 2002, 11:12
With the Epox board K6-III is running you don't need to mod it to get voltages higher than 1,85v.

3rd October 2002, 13:28
ok just for fun i slaped a 6800rpm PAPST on the zalman, was stable up to 1750Mhz (@1.85V). that beast is louder than a jet engine though :eek: i dont think that baby can do more than this, even not with water cooling. not enough juice.

anyway 1680Mhz didnt proove to be perfectly stable, UT2K3 jumped to the desktop with general protection fault once (and this baby got hot up to 75C :eek: ) so i lowered to 11.5x142 = 1633 which is perfectly stable and also quite "cool" (65C max).

3rd October 2002, 13:34
I'm sure it will Thop, just need to make the Vmod (did it to mine) and have better cooling

4th October 2002, 18:32
hey I got a question...I have my Vcore set to 1.85 in the BIOS, yet the MSI PC Alert 4 shows it at 1.75...

Any idea whats going on?

5th October 2002, 00:35
What reading do you see when in the BIOS (&which BIOS) VS. when using a quality DMM?

When in the BIOS you see a better measurement of said voltage, but still not as good as I can read with my Fluke 867BE GMM... ie software monitoring just sucks.

5th October 2002, 00:37
thop what you are doing to your CPU is plain sadistic ;)

5th October 2002, 12:23
I think a Thermalright SLK800 would get you a few Mhz, due to the considerably reduced temps....