View Full Version : G4 with Jaguar (OS X) - Millenium Drivers

26th September 2002, 21:27
I am trying to get a Millenium II 4meg to work with my G4 under OSX Jaguar. So far the system reads the card fine and I get sweet video on the VGA out. Only issue is the thing only outputs at 640x480. Is there a way to get more resolutions? The mac software does not give me option for more, but there must be a way to get full resolutions out of the card.

Anybody with an idea? The card is wonderful in the older Mac PPC, but I want to have the great multiple monitor support on the G4 as well.

27th September 2002, 03:49
AFAIK (not a Mac user at all) Jaguar uses OpenGL to draw windows, apps output, using 3D acceleration.

Teh more windows are there, teh more texture ram you need. AFAIK new G4s and imacs use GF4MX (supped up GeForce2) which has 32 or 64MB of videoram.

I think vidoram is teh bottleneck. Try popping up more recent card (I don't know about Matrox Mac support but I think I saw GXXX cards for macs). If not try getting a memory upgrade from Matrox. Ask Matrox tech support as well.

27th September 2002, 22:12
You can get a Radeon 7000 PCI for MAC...

27th September 2002, 22:18
For a second there I thought he was asking about a Matrox card

28th September 2002, 18:02
BTW, why don't matrox do cards for macs anymore, especially the dual monitor ones?

29th September 2002, 14:05
Proabably too expensive to write drivers, debug, troubleshoot, for many different platforms.

29th September 2002, 14:08
From what I am seeing posted here, the Matrox software that did me wonderful service before, is not supported by Matrox, so I need to figure out how to get the OS X software to figure out how to use the OpenGL to allow more resolutions. Since OS X is based on FreeBSD, there should be a Linux version of the driver for the card. Am I off base? By a mile?