View Full Version : need good pci card

23rd September 2002, 23:47

i need a graphic PCI card which does

1600*1200*32bit at 100Hz

i want good quality so no gf2/4mx

is anything like this exists?

24th September 2002, 00:02
Yes there is...

Hercules 3D Prophet 9000PCI 64MB DDR is one example.

I am trying to get my hand of one of this baybies... In sweden we wont get any until the end of this week.

happy shopping :p

24th September 2002, 00:09
shut up Rimfaxe! ;)

ohhh... one question! Do you want to play games with it?

If not, here is a very nice card for you:

:D :p :D

24th September 2002, 00:18

out of curiosity, what are you using it for?

24th September 2002, 01:44
3rd head to do programming.no 3d game i think, leave it to agp card

but i'm using g450-agp anyway

g450pci is a little expensive and have bus master problem(i dont remember)

i'm thinking about g200 but no one stock it and i dont think it does 32bit

i have a banshee-pci but it doesnt have good w2k driver and conflict with my mouse

24th September 2002, 01:55
its not that the G450 has busmastering problems... its that they chose to disable busmastering on non-intel chipset motherboards due to issues (dunno about the issues part, know its disabled tho). it will just make 3d acceleration and some other things slow.

it would probably work fine, but it might be slow for any 3d stuff.

a Radeon 7000/7200 or VE PCI would work fine. you should be able to pick either one up for under $50 US.

24th September 2002, 06:38
The g200 handles 32bit just fine.

25th September 2002, 10:23
I vote for G200 PCI. The visual quality of the G200 is still, in my opinion, as good as you will find.

See if there are any old stock laying around, or ebay, etc. plus, you can add 8MB to it and it becomes a 16MB card...

Happy hunting...


25th September 2002, 14:54
yeah thanks for the sugestion

IF matrox release new driver which can do triple indepedent on parhelia, can each of them do 1600*1200???
the RAMDACs are 400,400,360 so should be no problem

if that is possible i would get a 64MB parhellia when it comes around.

25th September 2002, 15:06
Sorry, three head will always be one stretched desktop on parhelia. It's a hardware limitation.


25th September 2002, 18:09
I say go for the G200, I have a millenium two sitting here for some stuff, but of course that won't do 1600x1200@32 bit because it only has 4mb of ram, whereas the G200 has 8mb, so it can do that res/color depth.


25th September 2002, 18:34
I don't think my G200 (8MB SG) does 1600x1200x32 @ 100Hz, think it gives up at 75Hz.


26th September 2002, 03:52
The one here (AGP 16MB SGRAM) will only do it @60Hz, although if you drop the colour depth the refresh rate can go higher :confused: