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12th September 2002, 04:54
Where i can download REEF DEMO?

12th September 2002, 05:01
You can't....it comes on the CD included with the card...

12th September 2002, 05:12
I don't have card.... :)))))))))))))

12th September 2002, 05:49
How do you expect it to run without the card it was designed to work with?

12th September 2002, 06:27
Reef demo work with GeForce4?

12th September 2002, 06:33
It was designed to work with Parhelia specific hardware and coded specifically to run just that as a means to show off what Parhelia's tech can do. It is not a generic Demo designed to work with other manufactures products.

12th September 2002, 06:47

12th September 2002, 06:58
Let me ask you this, how could you show off what P can specifically do on another manufactures product when it doesn't have the neccessary hardware?

You can't... well unless you wanted to try pulling it off in software mode (emulation) and I think we all know that would be way slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

12th September 2002, 07:06
Yeah, but perhaps the Radeon 9700 could indeed run the Reef Demo...

12th September 2002, 07:07
well, I have heard that it can actually "run" on a geforce4ti, that is, it doesnīt require a parhelia to start up.

the geforce4ti doesnīt render it correctly(off course) because of missing features, but this indicates that the reef demo uses standard directx calls, and most importantly doesnīt check the cards feature-set or brand/type before starting up.

in theory, any card with the same dx-features as parhelia should run it, such as the radeon9700.

12th September 2002, 07:18
get me url and i test it.

12th September 2002, 07:20
sorry, about my english :(

12th September 2002, 07:31
Can't do, unless you buy the card and or have permission from Matrox to distribute that would be impossible.

12th September 2002, 07:31
well, i donīt know any place where you can download it. it isnīt available in their demo section:

i suggest you ask over here: webmaster@matrox.com, maybe they can explain why it isnīt in their demo-section.

the guy who got it running on his gf4ti was a hardware reviewer, who forgot to uninstall the reef demo when he switched back to his gf4ti.

12th September 2002, 15:34
Ant had stated that the demo was only made available to reviewers (and apparently a select few others) and Matrox didn't intend on making it generally available.

12th September 2002, 15:47
Not the demo, the benchmark "Sharkmark"

12th September 2002, 18:44
Originally posted by afterburn
Not the demo, the benchmark "Sharkmark" Right ... scuse my brain fart.

14th September 2002, 05:25
I have the reef demo and it does NOT work with a GF4 ti. Unfortunately, that was the only available card to me when UPS destroyed my Parhelia (still working on fixing that btw) and I definately tried reef demo.

I get an "Unable dto initialise graphics (reason unknown). Please verify your hardware setup or the sofware installation." error.

I've tried countless times to get it working and have yet to succeed (which means very little I know).


14th September 2002, 10:58
...it ran on my G450 before I got my P. A world of difference, but it ran. Being a diver, it really turns me on...

15th September 2002, 02:38
Oh? On my G400 it didn't run?

btw, you CAN download reef demo on matrox.com.

15th September 2002, 22:46
2 WyWyWyWy:
Where ? I don't find Reef demo on matrox.com
I find only screenshots...

16th September 2002, 01:33
It is in Developer Relation.
It's been a while and nobody notices it...

I think I might post it in Matrox Hardware :\