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10th September 2002, 13:03
Ok, the cable are all alright, my G400 works better than ever, the video output is woking correctly, the audio output even, the movie on the monitor run smoothly (really, it's quite incredible...not a frame lost, a stop, not a millisecond of problem).

The output on the TV it's choppy. It seems to jump a few frames each second. :( :( :(

I'm using a plain G400 with PowerDVD. The amazing thing, i repeat, is that while the DVDMax is actived the monitor output is amazing (best than one of a DVD player of a friend)...



10th September 2002, 13:27
Pleeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeeeee.... :(
(I've got 5 original DVDs to see...)
(and more to come)
(5 original DVDs in an Italian house is a world record, I can assure you :D )

10th September 2002, 13:50
is the output set to PAL ? is the DVD you're playing back region2/PAL as well?

Did you install the latest Matrox drivers? There used to be a VERY annoying PAL to PAL playback bug in older drivers.. I haven't checked in ages if it's still there, because I almost only play back NTSC content in NTSC mode to my tv (and I have a standalone for DVDs/SVCDs).

10th September 2002, 15:35
My TV is only Pal, the DVD is PAL (no way an NTSC DVD can be sold in Italy, no one knows here what NTSC is), the DVDMax output is set to Pal, the drivers are the latest available...

10th September 2002, 16:38
Seems to be the right thread to ask my question.... :)

I've some problems with XP, a G400 and my DVB satellite card!
I use the latest non beta drivers for XP from Matrox!
I'm not able to put the video screen form programs like Technotrends DVB-s TV-Program (V2.10) and ProgDVB (2.99 test2) (MultiDec 8.2 is crashing here with the driver DLL - MDHALxx.DLL) over to my tv.
I use DVDMax, but I only get a still image and sometimes only garbage.

MPEGs I play with the mediaplayer work.
Just converted B5 Thirdspace from PVA to MPEG.

The only thing I can thing of, is that these programs don't use a video window that DVDMax needs. Does that make sense?

10th September 2002, 16:50
Magog, I'm afraid that your problem is completely different from Drizzt's so it's best to start a different thread for it.

Drizzt: what's the problem like? does it sometime play for a long time completely fluent, and suddenly you get periods in which many frames are dropped (i.e. stuttering on tv), after which it will run fine again on the tv till you get another period of frame drops? or is the framedrop rate constant?

10th September 2002, 16:56
The framedrop is constant.