View Full Version : Best cost-effective 21" monitor?

4th September 2002, 13:01
Building a gaming pc for my brother and would like to know what are good 21" monitors in the $600-$800 range.

Any suggestions based on experience?


4th September 2002, 13:15
Cornerstone. They even have a good $500 21"

4th September 2002, 13:20
Why not buy a high quality 19" monitor. You could probably buy one for less then the money you indicated. Such as a Samsung, which I think you can get for less then 500. Not sure as I haven't priced in a long time.

4th September 2002, 13:22
If you live in the UK forget Cornerstone very very expensive and also you'll have to get your company you work for to buy it. Since the supplier here doesn't sell to private customers.
I'd suggest you're better off going for a good quality 19 inch monitor than a cheapo 21 inch. The cost will be the same and the picture quality is most likely be better.

4th September 2002, 13:45
EIZO. Costs ~1000 EUR, but is in fact the best 21" you can buy, in the same league with 1400 EUR monitors, just a tad bit better :)


4th September 2002, 14:36
You should make it clear that this monitor is for gaming, which you would want an AG monitor. (Rules out the Eizo) The absolute best 21/22" AG monitors are the Sony GDM-F520 and the Mitsubishi 2060u. Lucky for you, the 2060u is within that price range you mentioned. (And I personally can recommend it)

4th September 2002, 16:04
Well, the Eizo is an FD Trinitron monitor... that makes it an aperture grille model, if I'm not mistaken (the german terms are different, so I get confused sometimes :)).

I didn't mean the F980, that'd be completely another league. I meant the T965 :)


4th September 2002, 16:07
Definitely get the 22" Mitsubishi 2060U if you're willing to spend the money.....for a few $$$ less you can look at the Samsung 1200NF....

4th September 2002, 16:37

None of the Eizo trinitrons made the list.

4th September 2002, 16:52
We don't even know who they considered, or what they thought of the products that they did look at.

4th September 2002, 17:26
The T965 is kinda cheap (for its quality), and displaymate is a shop - they want to make money, no wonder they promote Sony (and the EXPENSIVE F980). Look, they advise to buy a geforce for good image quality.


4th September 2002, 17:52
The only thing I see displaymate selling is their software. (Which pretty much is the defacto standard for testing video) Most of the products in it are the components that you see every reviewer raving about in their respective fields.

Right alongside the GF2/3 is the G400max. Who isn't to say that they were given reference samples from nVidia? It would be nice to see them showing a list of all the components they tested for each field...

However, you can use them as another reference in looking for a monitor. Case in point is the 2060u - it scores tops in every review I found. Same goes for the GDM-F520.