View Full Version : Any Parhelia 3D commitment from Matrox?

Steve Snyder
4th September 2002, 07:59
As has been noted in another thread, it is now September and still no Linux/XFree86 drivers. My understanding is that these driver, said to be "coming soon" since July, are to be 2D-only.

What about the Parhelia's 3D capabilities? The last I read, there has been no comittment from Matrox at all regarding 3D support in Linux/XFree86.

So... has there been any comittment from Matrox that Parhelia will ever have 3D support in Linux/XFree86?


4th September 2002, 16:47

When I asked about 3D support, I was told they were "working on it", but would not offer any timeframe for release. The guy claimed that all of the card's features would be supported under Linux, but he chuckled and said "I doubt it" when I asked if the drivers would be open source. He quickly added that the 2D drivers would "almost definitely" be open source.

For what it's worth....


Colin Morey
7th September 2002, 05:15
thanks for that leech, that's what i wanted to hear, it's the only thing that's currently making me hold of my parhelia upgrade, (no xfree support bar VESA)

7th September 2002, 08:47
Not a problem. Currently I'm just using my Millenium 2 for 2D display under linux, problem is I have to switch in the Bios from AGP to PCI then also unplug the monitor from one to the other. What a pain. Come on Matrox, hurry up and pull out that linux driver!


Colin Morey
8th September 2002, 02:07
I've heard tell that the parhelia will run quite happily in full VESA frambuffer mode for 2D X work, wouold you mind trying it? (tbh, i'm not that bothered about 3d speed under linux, but the tripple head and 2d will be nice.).

8th September 2002, 18:55
I had it working at one point, but the max res I could get it to work in was 1024x768. The Millenium 2 looks quite nice in X though, so I'll stick with that set-up for now. Just wish Matrox would release that Parhelia driver....


9th September 2002, 13:03
What Parhelia driver?

9th September 2002, 15:49
At SIGGRAPH they demo'd a 2D w/ Triple Head driver. Didn't they?

10th September 2002, 13:09
Something may happen soon, but it sure wasn't beta-tested.

10th September 2002, 16:03
Ah, I see what you mean.