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3rd September 2002, 13:13
I've forgotten how to install a prog as a service and I've run out of time today (fixing comps on the network, imagine that! ) to continue searching. Can you guys give me a quick instruct, I need to get the cmd hidden before I leave tonight.

3rd September 2002, 13:23
Found the answer to my own question, thanks anyways!

3rd September 2002, 13:41
Originally posted by rocketmanx
Found the answer to my own question, thanks anyways!

Your welcome! :p

3rd September 2002, 18:11


5th September 2002, 15:05
I haven't got XP, but I've heard it's problems using srvany.exe here. But FireDaemon have released a working version.

Besides from this, it's some formatting-problems with method 2. Hmm, it wasn't like this then I send it off. :)

Lines starting with >
belongs as part of the last line, and
the batch-file isn't one long line. :D

6th September 2002, 11:16
I did the- /install -thing and it's working fine here. Only question is, does it still use the .bat file for config (doesn't it have to use the batch file first?) since you obviously have to install the .exe as a service? If it doesn't then how do you use the -rt switch?

7th September 2002, 12:23
I just looked at my local copy, and its all messed up as well. Has it always been like that? I'd been modifying the "Seti in Linux" and "Seti as a Service" guides the other day, but I don't think I uploaded it.

That looks like a Dreamweaver copy and paste error, it used to ignore line breaks in v3. Maybe I should upgrade to MX :)

I'll fix it this week (promise ;))


Edit: I did the > manually, to stop it stretching the screen way beyond 800x600 windows, but the lines I did it with look like they'd be ok as one line, d'oh :(