View Full Version : will my DSL speed drop al ot with a router?

3rd September 2002, 08:32
I have the dlink router set up and will likely have 3 computers sharing the same adsl highspeed phone line - should I expect a speed drop big time if all 3 users a sharing/surfing all at once? Or will it be only minor? I understand there is not a general rule..but just curious if you have any experiences to share.

thanks for you time

3rd September 2002, 08:48
Depends on what your doing. I've noticed a substanal drop in performance if more then one computer is using a P2P sharing program downloading stuff. This was on a cable modem with a 1.5mbit/128K cap on it. Also you might lose some performance just going through the router also. My new Cable provider is 10Mbits/1mbit :D, but I only avg about 8mbits with my Linksys Router/firewall installed. But if your just doing general Websurfing you wont notice a difference

3rd September 2002, 08:54
Where in NJ do I need to move to get that deal GT? :D

3rd September 2002, 09:17
www.optonline.net :)

Anyway my cable provider, Cablevision, has been in some finacnal problems and there was some nasty rumors going around that AOL might buy up their Optiumonline branch :eek:

I've got their service since last Monday...and its Hell of a lot better then the Comcrap I had and even better then @home that I had last Summer before they went under...speedwise. Only thing that sucks is they dont give you any webspace to host a webpage or pictures.

3rd September 2002, 12:08
Um.. I guess the agreement with them says you can't host your own (like most cable providers), but the bandwidth is certainly there for that if it doesn't.