View Full Version : G400 3dmark2001se score

1st September 2002, 16:40
Does 1535 seem about right for my computer?

Also, any suggestions on how to get my score higher could be helpful, but dont just say buy a new video card.

1st September 2002, 16:55
Overclocking that P4 could get you closer to 2000...or overclocking that G400MAX...

1st September 2002, 17:07
what kind of fans/heatsinks would you suggest for o/c'ing my card? i wouldnt want to spend more than about $30ish. also, i have 2 pci slots free next to my vid card, so that shouldnt be a problem. also, would it really be worth it to o/c it? because from what ive seen you cant o/c a g400 too much, so it might be better to just put that 30 bucks towards a new vid card.

i was already thinking of o/c'ing my cpu, and i already have a upgraded fan/heatsink on it

1st September 2002, 22:38
Actually, just see how high it OC's using your existing cooling setup...then go from there....

1st September 2002, 22:41
I believe that the major bottleneck on your system is not only your G400, but your memory...SDRAM+P4 is a pretty unfortunate combination....

1st September 2002, 22:47
How did you know it was SDRAM. One could be using ECC DDR...

2nd September 2002, 00:08
hmmm, didnt think it would be my ram, (it says its sd in my sig), it my brothers old cpu, ram and mb, otherwise i wouldnt have got sd, but i got it all for like 200cnd, i dont know why he did get sd in the first place instead of spending a few $ more and getting ddr or rd.

thanks for the info lecter.

2nd September 2002, 00:17
on that note, even tho i dont currently have the money for a new mobo and ram, what kind of ram would get me the highest score? rd?

2nd September 2002, 19:01
Mehen : i got the same score with you
but i'm g400 card not max
xp1800 epox kt333 256 ddr333
1024*768 32bit 32 texture 32 z-buffer win98se
when it in 1024*768 16b 16t 16z
i've got 2356
it's not a bad score for me

2nd September 2002, 19:57
Currently the fastest P4 platform is RDRAM. Soon, it'll be dual-channel DDR, however....

2nd September 2002, 20:31
yeah, it looks like deeds system shouldnt have gotton as high a score as mine, but his ram probably made a big difference.

3rd September 2002, 00:16
i made a mistake in my frist replay
1535 is the score with kt133a 256 pc133ram
and when i change my mainboard and ram to kt333 ddr333
i've got 1642 in 32b32t 32z and 2356 in 16b 16t 16z
i dont think the type of ram will make more difference
if you change your system to 98se the score will high

BTW:i found install the sp3 of win2000 will increase 3dmark score more than 200 in my g400

3rd September 2002, 01:52
So how much performance will DDR instead of SD get you in real life?

I just bought a P4 on eBay, ordered a new mobo somewhere else and have no money left for even 128mb ddr! And I have too many SD sticks lying around...

Is your 1.6G a Northwood? Did you bring is to 2.4G? :D

3rd September 2002, 13:42
mine is a northwood i do believe

3rd September 2002, 15:06
The easiest way to find out that it's a NW is checking the cache size:

512k for NW
256k for Willa's

4th September 2002, 13:47
k, heres what i found out, which is probably why my score isnt as high as i thought it should be: 1. my cpu IS NOT a NW :mad: 2. my g400 is a REALLY old one and only runs at 2x AGP.

4th September 2002, 13:57
That doesn't matter. The difference between the various AGP settings is almost nothing.

And the G400 scores generally scale well up to ~800MHz (P4 ~1100:)). Dont expect to see much difference in games if you would pair your G400 with a 2GHz NW and RDRAM. Offcourse most 2d apps would speed up with the faster CPU.

4th September 2002, 14:06
yeah, i didnt think it would make that much of a difference, i just thought it should have gotton at least a little higher of a score than the other guys (maybe not with his ddr board), because i have a better cpu and more ram and such

4th September 2002, 14:08
so i guess the bottom line is, if i want it faster, other than like 1fps more, i need a new vid card. *cries, i love my g400, i even have the hat and mug from shopmatrox

5th September 2002, 07:16
Why don't you try to increase your FSB? I guess that even a 1.6 Willa you can offer some more juice when overclocked to maybe 1.9-2.0 GHz...

That would increase a bit your memory bandwidth as well, wich in many games gives you some more FPS... :)

5th September 2002, 16:21
hmm, i really was considering o/cing it, but since school started again (i have a ton of hard courses) i havent had much time for gaming. so i think ill just wait for either a really good game, where it would be really benificial to o/c it, or just save up for awhile and get myself a new vid card. i would perfer not to o/c my cpu, because i dont have a very steady income and dont want anything to happen to my cpu and have to replace it.

too bad it looks like i wouldnt be able to stay with matrox though, i dont think i would wanna spend the cash on a parhelia, besides then i would force myself to get a couple more monitors too :p

6th September 2002, 10:26
I think it's the most rational thing you could do - swith to "turbo mode" only when it becomes necessary... :)

And I think the same way about Parhelia... just too expensive for me for a graphics card... if it only could deliver the performance next to a Radeon 9700... :rolleyes:

6th September 2002, 13:45
well, right now i have about a max of 200 bucks (canadian) to spend on a vid card. too bad matrox doesnt offer any cheap cards (one that would actually be an improvement over my g400max anyways). right now im thinking along the lines of 8500le, but if i find a really good deal on a gforce4ti or even a gf3 it would be really good too. im almost actually sad that i started
researching/looking at all this video card craze thing thats going on lately, now i really want a new vid card because i realized how old mine was :( . (now there wont be a point of bringing my g400 mug and hat to lan parties *cries)

thanks for everyones input in my quest for a higher 3dmark score, if you have any suggestions for a vid card or anything else feel free to pm me.

6th September 2002, 18:08

Where can you pick up that 8500LE in town for under $200?


7th September 2002, 10:38
well my plan was to show someone the price at pc97.com and try to get them to match it. i dont think they actually would, but even if they would get fairly close it would be a great deal. its 160 there. http://www.ncix.com/canada/productdetail.php?tab=2&sku=8220&PHPSESSID=e681af34e3cdf8f560b6228f1a0d212a&PHPSESSID=a149eff11ce0f782dd21a378cc406bad i was thinking future shop possibly, its 250 there, so if they could bring it down to even 200 it would be great. its a long shot but it might work.

also you could try other smaller computer places and see if they can match it. places like forestcomputers and such

7th September 2002, 10:41
actually, i dont know about forest, somewhere else maybe, forest seems to be mainly nvidia. they might be able to bring one in though, maybe they'll even order it from www.pc97.com lol

8th September 2002, 04:52
I got 1536 3DMarks with PII@467 512PC133 CAS2 and GF2MX(166/183).

The G400 16MB SH (using ATM) in the same rig scores 600 3DMarks.

IMO the G400 doesn't score well in 3Dmark compared to it's performance (GF2MX is maybe 0 - 30% faster, but not 150% faster in games as 3DMark seems to insdicate)

The 3D Mark is not representative in sub 2000 scores since it was designed to meausere current cards/hardware.

8th September 2002, 17:30
that makes sense, because even when i had my g400 in my p3 500 it still out performed some people with gf2's that i know, not too mention looked liked a million times better.

10th September 2002, 14:51
k, heres an update on my situation: i have not changed any hardware, but i managed to get 1694 on 1024x768. heres how: first off, im using xp, so i changed my desktop theme from the normal xp one to the classic windows one, i turned the desktop down to 640x480. also i changed textures and zbuffering down to 16, its different settings but hey, i can still say i got 1694 with 1024x768x32. then i turned off my computer, let it cool down for an hour, then turned it on and fired up 3dmark.

also, heres what my computer did when it had a gf3ti200 in it http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3487497

11th September 2002, 08:36
For a cheap vid card upgrade, I'd recomend that 8500LE you posted. At least it has a nice 2D (for a Matrox user maybe the niciest, but indeed the best non-matrox 2D quality I've seen so far) and at least has a very good playability with virtually any game in 1024x768x32 and anisotropic filtering ON...

And your 3D Mark score will be between 7k-8k in your system... :)

11th September 2002, 13:24
that would be sweet! yeah, everywhere i look and find out stuff it all seems to point to the 8500LE; good card for little money

29th September 2002, 10:19
not that anyone cares, but heres another update on my situation, i got my brothers gf3ti200 for like 50 bucks cuz he bought a 8500le which he found at future shop for only 160 bucks!! it had an 80 dollor rebate and the one he got was the last one in the store. he gets about 8500 3dmarks, and i get about 5600 now. and now im retiring my g400 to my server.