View Full Version : LAME encoder and Ipaq...?

Reverend Maynard
31st August 2002, 14:53
Howdy all. Little problem, maybe you all could give me a hand. I have an Ipaq 3650 and I want to play mp3's on it. Standard mp3 files play fine at any bitrate with both the standard media player and the upgraded 7.1 player. No LAME encoded mp3's work at all though, at any bitrate. Anyone know how to make LAME work on an Ipaq?

31st August 2002, 17:12
Variable bit rate?

Does Winamp work?

Reverend Maynard
31st August 2002, 17:24
Haven't tried variable bitrate. The files play great in winamp on my computer, or did you mean winamp for the Ipaq? I don't have winamp on the Ipaq, so I dunno about that.

31st August 2002, 18:58
If you're trying to play very high bitrate encodes, check this <a href="http://minnie.tuhs.org/pipermail/mp3encoder/2001-September/003818.html">thread</a>.

Reverend Maynard
31st August 2002, 19:47
Thanks for the link, I'll see if there is anything there that can help me. The problem exists with any bitrate though, even at low bitrates the LAME encoded mp3's refuse to play.