View Full Version : messages with more than 10000 characters

26th August 2002, 16:17
hi there,

I just wanted to submit a huge logfile when I got a message that it contains more than 10000 characters....

sometimes it's necessary to put a large logfile into a message for diagnostics, so it would be nice if you could allow messages to contain muuuch more than "just" 10000 characters (in my case that logfile was about 31000)

please allow messages to contain, let's say about 30000-50000 characters so people can submit logfiles or other large error messages, submitting such files as an attachment is inconvenient, first you have to zip it and the reader has to download it and unzip it ...

26th August 2002, 16:53
Attachments are fine. Its not a good idea for everyone to have to dl and view a large log file.

26th August 2002, 17:16
and as a simple text log file, there would be no need to zip it either.

27th August 2002, 07:52
If someone post a message with 50.000 characters...shit.
That would be foulish!!!!