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26th August 2002, 02:00
This can really be a bad problem...

I've found sometimes a few interesting threads in the soap box where I wanted to reply, just to discover they where closed from the moderator.
Usually I don't like censorship so I'm a bit upset when I find something like this, especially when the starting post was honest and correct; the fact that few stupid people start yelling and insulting disturb me too, but I don't see the point in closing the thread and punishing those who were normally discussing.
After all, without discussion there should be no civilization nowadays.

[/mode cautious on]
And, even more, I think to have understood that a few arguments are "censored" because the mod doesn't like them.
I THINK , I SUPPOSE this from what I have seen around. Even If I'm on this board since a few years now, I don't have followed everything, so this consideration can even be wrong.
[/mode cautious off]

However, I'm here asking to change a bit this way of things.

The MURC has really grown up, and a lot of interesting people have shown on the fori; this is for me, and I think for everyone, an important occasion to discuss and to meet new ideas and culture.

Moreover if the Murc is really going in the direction of being "member financed", probably it will have to be a bit more democratic and opened .

Hope to not have offended someone with this post, If so it wasn't my intention. :o

26th August 2002, 03:06


26th August 2002, 03:52
Historically speaking the rules which govern us all were put in place to keep the peace. Long ago we didn't have all this, but each time someone caused a major ruckass another rule had to be put into place to counter a future event of the same. Suscessively as the site and membership grew additional rules had to be implemented. As this list of rules grew it became increasingly difficult to draw the line as to when a mod had to step in to keep the peace. We try to be as politically correct as possible, but we're all humans (note 1) and do make mistakes... and yes we do try to learn from our mistakes.

Most of this was when others started flaming most commonly on some anti semantic grounds, it becomes not just ugly fast, but distracted greatly from the whole, not to mention derailing the original intent of the thread.

As to easing up on how the forums are moderated due to Ant possibly not paying for the site strictly out of his own pocket negates one primary fact. We all agree to the rules of the forums prior to becoming a member. These rules are there as this is the Holy land of Ant, is owned and run in the manner he wishes. This is in effect his country, his laws and if not for him wouldn't exist. Break the the rules and they will be enforced. Just like anyother nation on earth is and we all know how well they get along all the time. ;)

note 1: there are some aliens among us and WE DO KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :p

26th August 2002, 08:59
Originally posted by Greebe
note 1: there are some aliens among us and WE DO KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :p

I guess there's no need to hide anymore! :p

(it would explain a lot to most of you! :D )