View Full Version : Another "Stupid inconsiderate drivers" thread - with video!

20th August 2002, 11:39
Here's another of my biggest complaints about people doing whatever is to their own advantage, regardless of how it harms others.

Traffic at Yonge & Sheppard, Toronto - 7.5MB AVI (http://members.rogers.com/agallagh42/MVI_0383.AVI)

Please, if there's not room for you to get OUT of the intersection, don't go IN to the intersection. Just wait behind the line until there's room on the other side. Sheesh...:rolleyes:

20th August 2002, 12:31
I see that all the time. :(

Then there are those who think that a yellow light means step on it and try to get through before the light turns red. I have almost been rear-ended by this type, on a couple of occassions, and then they get mad at me because I didn't run the yellow. If I can stop safely then I will.


20th August 2002, 12:44
Don't they know that rule only applies when there's no one in front of you? :p

21st August 2002, 00:47
Normal driving as far as I can see. You ought to see it outside our University.