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30th July 2002, 11:38
Hello all,

I'm trying to get a capture setup working on Win2k using a G400 and a RRG.

I've looked into using the patched beta release of the video tools to capture MJPEG, but I've run into stablity/video quality problems with them, so I'm pursuing other options.

I grabbed avi_io and both the huffy and PICVideo codecs to try, but to no success.

If I try and capture full screen (704x486@29.97 fps with either 16 or 24 bit color) with sound I drop almost 40% of the frames. If I don't record sound, avi_io doesn't report any dropped frames, but when I play the video back, it plays back almost twice the original speed. (Also, the time counter on avi_io takes almost 2 seconds to count a second of video)

This happens using both codecs and uncompressed RGB.

If I capture at half screen, everything records correctly.

So, what's my bottleneck here? Is the Rainbow Runner G unable to provide the bandwidth necessary to capture full screen when not using the hardware MJPEG compressor?

Is AVI_IO not able to write information to the hard drive fast enough? (I have a dedicated 40 gb 7200 ATA100 drive, but there's no RAID).

Any ideas?



Dual 1200MP Athlon
512 mb ECC DDR-RAM
40gb OS HD + 40gb Video HD
G400 + RRG
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

30th July 2002, 14:19
Firstly you should be capturing YUY2 and not RGB.

I have never owned a RRG, but I think I'm right in saying that this combination is the similar to a G400 Marvel. If so then you will (probably - depending on version) need to patch vid tools to enable this option.