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29th July 2002, 08:32

- Ok, the new binaries are now up that avoid deleting old protein data when a new update is detected. This is the only change so you only need to grab a new version if this issue concerns you. Either grab a new copy from the Downloads page, or grab just the new executable with the following links if you are running the client on Windows, Linux gcc or Linux icc.


- We have fixed the client/screensaver to now keep old files when a new update is detected. Also if you upload an expired protein, it will appear to be accepted but if you check the error.log you will see a message to the effect that the protein was expired and thus you will not receive credit for it. The new binaries will be posted on Monday so please check back here for them then.

- Some potential problems in the back-end tallying of results uploaded have been resolved as well. Previously, there was a chance that if one user had several machines all uploading results simulataneously, that user might receive less credit than the sum of the individual uploads. Users uploading from a single machine would not be affected. Also, the integrity of all uploaded data has been maintained, it is only the statistics for number of structures contributed that may be slightly off. we believe the error was at most 10% (so if the statistics said we made 1 billion we may really have made 1.1 billion. Thanks to several users with lots of computers (you know who you are) for helping