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jeff b
23rd July 2002, 17:03
July 8: Jerry posts about the new MSP6.5 Power Patch, and we all download it and happily play with the new goodies, myself included.

July 12: I post about the copy protection problem on DV playback, and we sort out the confusion over the next 4 days.

July 16: I e-mail info@ulead.com about the problem.

July 18: I fill out a tech support form on the Ulead website about the problem.

July 23 (today): I begin to wonder if all of Ulead might be enjoying a company wide summer vacation, since I haven't even gotten an acknowledgement for either of my communications to them on something that I consider to be a significant problem with their new Power Patch.

I would say that a week is ample time to remain patient.

Anybody want to hear me rant? I'm almost there!

Jeff B

Nick Piercey
24th July 2002, 01:13
Hi Jeff,

Received this Wednesday am.

Dear Mr Piercey,

We would like to thank you for requesting our support.

We received the answer from our programmers and we are very sorry to say that there is no solution available at the moment which would fix this problem. The only recommendation we got was to uninstall the update patch and wait until a bug fix is released. Very sorry for this, but please understand our reply. Our Programmers are working on a solution but it is not to say when this solution might be found or released.

If any further problems or questions occur, please contact us again.

Best regards,

André Wartmann

I fear we are no further forward,



Brian Ellis
24th July 2002, 02:07
I've usually had answers from their support, but they are rarely very useful, being stereotyped and not always relevant to the problem. OTOH, if you e-mail a further question for clarification, using the REPLY button, you will not get an answer:(

24th July 2002, 05:24
Yes this matches my experiences with Ulead "support". IMHO this is the operational definition of half-assed support -- simply a shell to allow checking the tech support box on marketing lies.


jeff b
24th July 2002, 06:43
Ah well, I guess that I can find solace in the fact that I can use 6.5 without any problem, and forget about beating a dead horse. (Been there, done that...)

Jeff B

Dr Mordrid
24th July 2002, 13:12
Yes....my opinion too.

A lot of these problems seem to be system specific; perhaps some mix of devices and/or drivers that are not playing well together.

This can make tracking down the cause of the problem and fixing it a real bear.

Dr. Mordrid

24th July 2002, 15:08
Yeah these things can be a bear, but if Ulead doesn't follow up problem reports and be willing to open a dialog with people having problems, how are they to get data on where the problem might lie?


jeff b
24th July 2002, 16:13
Well, I suppose if only one person reports a problem... and then maybe one more... and then maybe a couple more... maybe then... well, actually, even then it probably won't outweigh the accounting schedule.

24th July 2002, 23:44
I agree, one or two emails about problems isn't going to get the Head of R&D to call a meeting and tell his staff that this is priority one. How many people out there blame something on a piece of SW and then find out that it was there fault. They have to use BS filters to weed out the real problems from the knuckleheads out there. Not saying that you are a knucklehead ;), but if you are the only one with the problem reporting to them, what are they going to think? So yes, more people will need to report a similar problem before that meeting is called.