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22nd July 2002, 20:08
Here's a potentially silly question, where or how do i gain access ot the sharkmark benchmark?

I have the Reef demo installed, but i can't see what to do to enable the shark mark settings


23rd July 2002, 00:13
Hmm it was on the CD that came with my Parhelia, maybe it was just sent to reviewers, I'll ask the big M.

24th July 2002, 10:33
I jsut found out that only editors have Sharkmark. See http://forum.matrox.com/mgaforum/Forum6/HTML/001247.html


24th July 2002, 12:43
I've asked Matrox if it can be made available to one and all, I'm waiting to hear back. I see no reason for them to exclude it from the general public, that would seem a little silly to me as it is one benchmark that tests the Parhelia to its strengths it would seem. I'll see if I can hack it and change the shark to an ant and release my own AntMark ;)

24th July 2002, 13:57
If it looks anything like your avatar, you'd better not even try :p