View Full Version : YAWN - I'm going to bed!

20th July 2002, 21:30
To follow in the tradition of perfectly useless posts on TSB...

I'm going to bed now. I'm very tired. Logan woke up at 4AM today, although he did't scream me out of bed until 5. I've gotten up with him at 5AM every friggin' day this week. Tomorrow morning (wait, THIS morning now - it's 12:30 AM) I get to sleep in. JOY!

G'nite folks.

- Gurm

20th July 2002, 21:43
Good idea...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :tired:

20th July 2002, 21:53
But, But its only 2pm in the afternoon :D

20th July 2002, 22:20
Yeah, and then Lizzie decides to do the Avatar Tease thing, and I end up staying up anyway... *sigh*

- Gurm

20th July 2002, 22:23
Now you have to ask yourself, was it worth it? :)

20th July 2002, 22:51
A 50x50 image that may or may not have included knees and was up for a full 1 minute before being pulled? You tell me.

- Gurm

Fat Tone
21st July 2002, 11:47
Surely someone has it in their cache and can post it for the rest of us? :o

21st July 2002, 12:04
Perhaps they were all so baffeled they forgot ?
(this does makes me curious though :D)