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8th July 2002, 08:39
I happened to stumble across this today after reading a review on it. Its called Pax.Mate (http://phamcomputer.safeshopper.com/32/480.htm?393) and is a sound deading material similar to whats sold for cars with super highend bass speakers in them. I ordered it and for $20 bucks you really couldn't go wrong..and its precut and cheaper then the dynomat I was looking a couple months ago. I'm wondering how much of an improvement it will make quiteing down my 8K RPM fan on my CPU :)

8th July 2002, 09:43
i don't know if this is the same think they call Bitumen (black sticky thing) here in Germany, but it looks like that. it is rumoured to be carciogenic (sp?) and it stinks :)

Fat Tone
8th July 2002, 10:10
I saw a review somewhere that said it made the sound slightly less annoying, more of a tonal change than a volume change.

Good luck - let us know what you find. Can you make any measurements before and after? Perhaps record the sound?


8th July 2002, 14:21
I'd suggest one of these (https://ssl.kundenserver.de/s8498340.shoplite.de/sess/utn153d1f226ec8d52/shopdata/0020_Schalld=E4mmungen+=2820+Typen=29/0150_D=E4mms=E4tze+=28Pa=DFgenau=29/0010_Magic+Fleece/product_overview.shopscript). They're from a german firm called NoiseMagic (stupid name), they're NOT just foam, cork, or Bitumen (however that's called in english), and are said to reduce noise very good. They're somewhat pricey, but are custom-made for certain cases, to leave no square cm uncovered. They are available uncut, too, in 40x40 cm<SUP>2</SUP> mats, and they can even custom-fit you mats, if you tell them what case you got.

The site is in german only, but they do ship overseas (for a price, unforunately), and there are enough pictures.


10th July 2002, 16:54
Originally posted by Tony Andrews
I saw a review somewhere that said it made the sound slightly less annoying, more of a tonal change than a volume change.

Today I got in the the stuff and applied it to sides of my computer case and theres been a noticable tonal change, though I can still hear my blow hole fan..seems to dropped the sound couple db overall and my 8K CPU fan no longer has annoying wine that I can hear. I still need to apply the material to the tops and bottom of the case, but I need to do some triming to get it to fit properly. I'm pretty impressed by it and for $20 bucks you can't go wrong, unless someone can show me how to get the same materials for 5 bucks :p

10th July 2002, 17:58
best thing is several layers. 1st cork, 2nd special noisemats (or bitumen if you can't afford), 3rd "rippled/bumpy" (i don't know any better word) foam - all three things EVERYWHERE. attention: this will make the case very heavy.
no air input in the front. air comes in from the back bottom, goes out with the PSU.
make a 'foam bed' for your hd. hd may not touch anything else but foam.
put foam around your cdroms. short: put foam everywhere :)
close/isolate all holes except the fan intake at the back + psu out.
get tower with a door, slap cork + foam at the door.
mod fans to 5V/7V.

or watercooling if you got the $ (you still need at least one fan though + i have no idea how loud the waterpump is (greebe?). and also can you hear the water flow?)

there you go :)

10th July 2002, 23:49
Some radiators require a pretty powerful fan.. The BlackIce range require 100cfm!!! That kinda defeats the point in my book :(

I think the pump would only be noisey if you dont insulate it. Perhaps if the pump was too powerful you could get turbulence???

11th July 2002, 01:16

This stuff looks really amazing !
I filled my details in the site (dunno Deutch except maybe for ordering something in the menu at a restoraunt:) ) and I hope everything will work out fine as they didn't ask for my credit card or anything in the site. It says I should pay when I receive it (?) though I have no idea how it's going to work.

Oh well, I hope they contact me whis way or another.

11th July 2002, 02:21
If you want, I can help you - either by translating things you don't understand, or by doing all the ordering stuff for you - just pm me or reply to this thread :)

Oh, BTW, the "Airplex" Radiator from www.wassergekuehlt.de (wassergekuehlt=watercooled in german) is said to be able to cool up to ~1400MHz Athlons passively, if you install it outside of the case, or just about anyting if you install one or two very quiet 120mm Papst fans - there are kits there for both external and internal installation. Don't know if they ship outside germany, and the site is in german, too, but I'll gladly help if I can. (And no, I'm not affiliated with either of these firms, I just hate it when speech barriers prevent people from getting what might be the best solution for them).


P.S.: Dogbert, please tell me how the stuff worked once it arrived :)