View Full Version : Macro patch vt 2.10 for win98se..

2nd July 2002, 15:53
Hello all.. I've been hunting through the forums for a
macrovision patch for the video tools version 2.10a that will
work in Windows 98se. I've located one for w2k and XP, but
it doesn't work for w98se.. Anyone able to help me out?

I have some old home videos I need to fix up and put onto
cd's for family, but I get a macrovision error due to the poor
video quality of the tapes..

Hopefully someone can help me out cause as it stands,
vt 2.10a in my current setup is working perfectly :) and i'd rather
not have to go back to vt 1.52 :mad:


3rd July 2002, 14:24
I remember there being a post about changing a couple hex values in one of the patches (either macro or yuy2) that allows it to be used in win98. I'm not quite sure if this is what you need though.

3rd July 2002, 15:21
Hmm.. Right about now i'll try just about anything



8th July 2002, 04:34
Guess this was a futile question...