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Fat Tone
2nd July 2002, 06:23
I ask because of the problem in my other thread: http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34238

BT customers in particular, how are you doing it? I'm looking for the cheapest way of fixing this problem of the ADSL modems generally being USB and the routers generally being Ethernet.

Could I use an Ethernet/USB adapter between the two? It would need to provide power as the modem is USB powered.



2nd July 2002, 06:35
I setup a LAN at work using a PC as firewall/router and a cheap HUB serving another 8 PCs. We've switched now to a rather expensive (400) combined modem/router with VPN support.

I would simply stick the USB modem on one PC, stick an Ethernet card in it, enable Internet connection sharing and get a cheap HUB to feed the LAN.

2nd July 2002, 06:39
I use an Asus modem/router with NAT enabled connected to a d-link switch this works great and give the option of placing a server in betwwenthe router and the switch.


2nd July 2002, 06:54
Wow, I never saw a broadband modem that didn't have an ethernet port.

My guess is they're specifically making them that way to thwart attempts at sharing the line among other computers (there are ways around that of course but it does make the set up more complicated.

However, after searching the web, I found this:

DrayTek Vigor 2200 series Router (firewall)

The version 2200USB has a "USB-port for connecting to USB ADSL modem to share broadband Interface"

Good luck,

2nd July 2002, 07:01
Of course, you can always get a new modem, like this one:

2nd July 2002, 07:48
I still use a PC as a firewall/router (Nat32) w/dual nics to a hub feeding my network.

2nd July 2002, 08:34
Many people like using Linksys Router/Switches - not only can you get multiple computers up and running, but you get firewalling because it uses NAT.

If you DON'T want NAT, you could... err... well, let's be honest - you don't really need a software firewall. We've all been over this before. They're useless. Firewalls in general are useless, 'cuz unless you're a monkey your machine won't (can't) be hacked anyhow.

- Gurm

Fat Tone
2nd July 2002, 08:44
:) :) :) I knew that post was coming from Gurm :) :) :) Somewhat more gently put than in the past too - I'm impressed :D

In this instance the RP114 will be (or would have been) very useful as it will allow easy sharing, let my friend control the internet activity of his children, and get email reports on their browsing activity. Sure it can all be done other ways, but this (but for the lack of a damn ethernet port on the BT supplied modem) is very simple & convenient.

Which way we jump now depends on what you guys come up with and if any of the hardware can be returned/sold.



2nd July 2002, 09:46
Hehe, thanks I think.

A broadband router would DEFINITELY be the best solution if you want to do sharing. A Linksys model is around $100 and supports spoofing of MAC addresses - so you don't have to deal with the ISP.

- Gurm

2nd July 2002, 10:34
Telia, the company in sweden that virtualy owns your soul IF you want a land line phone (They own the accesnet).

Started with Nokia(and when people put paper on their ADSL modems and it cought fire) they switched to Alcatel..

Nowday they recomend the dlink d200 USB ADSL modem. (Wich you aotomagicaly gets if you don't bitch scream and threaten)
They charge as much for the Dlink as they did for the alcatel ....

And Even Dlinks swedish Suportline admits that it (Theur USB modem)don't work as good as they would want :devious:

2nd July 2002, 11:56

I use the Vigor 2200USB and it works a treat. It's been used with the standard Alcatel frog and the Fujitsi 310 with no problems.

2nd July 2002, 15:05
My machine is used as the ICS machine when I'm at my friend's place. His Mac and O2 can go out onto the net through it. I enable XP's firewall on the Alcatel USB connection

2nd July 2002, 20:44
linux firewall/gateway through to a netgear switch, but recently switched to a dlink-804.

linux is more flexible, but the dlink does everything that I require, and takes up less room plus I get the extra switched ports.

I use the ethernet speedtouch modem provide by my telco, they have since gone to USB.

Routers save space and are convient, just make sure they support everything you require. eg voice over IP.
,VPN,PPTP,PPOE and support for exposing any ports you require for servers(ftp,www,filesharing...etc)

a linux box WILL do everthing you require(and work with a USB modem) but will take up more room and be a bit noiser(maybe)

2nd July 2002, 22:25
My NAT gateway is detailed here (http://www.cox-internet.com/multimediaman/computing.htm) and here (http://www.cox-internet.com/multimediaman/nostromo.htm)

I also run Ethernet from my Gateway PC to the Toshiba Cable Modem, but have the option of running USB.

My machine is waaaay over kill for what I actually do with it, but it is nice to know it is fairly bulletproof.

3rd July 2002, 03:56
OT: Has anyone got am alcatel speedtouch usb working with Linux?

3rd July 2002, 11:20
Denty http://linux-usb.sourceforge.net/SpeedTouch/

3rd July 2002, 12:29
a linux box WILL do everthing you require (and work with a USB modem) but will take up more room and be a bit noiser(maybe)not when you got a fanless EPIA C3 800 running debian linux in a shoebox :D soon to move in a custom made aluminium case similar to the terratec mp3o.

3rd July 2002, 22:59
thats why I added (maybe) ;)