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1st July 2002, 12:19
I haven't crunched in a while but a fw weeks back I decided to run on my work machine. Twice now, i have had a problem that prevents me from continuing to run. First problem, cli crashed with an unknown error, i had to restart manually. today I noticed that no WU's went through over the weekend. I looked at the seti screen and it looked like ti was running so I killed it with ctrl-c. To my suprise, it finished out the last WU and started the next one without stopping. Anyway, thought I'd ask if there are any known issues with seti cli and win2k?



1st July 2002, 15:23
If you're not caching wu's but connects the clients directly to Seti, there is a problem there sometimes the wu-download stops before done. There can also be the random connection-problems, but this is not often after the new connection was installed.

Appart from connection-problems, there shouldn't be any problems with seti-cli and win2k... Ok, except for VLAR-wu's running slower than they should.

With problems, the first to check is the power-saving-settings. Maybe the cpu goes to suspend. The hd should not spin down either. If you're running a screen-saver, the best is blank screen, since some screen-savers will eat up all cpu-time...

I don't know if seti works this way, but some programs will suspend crunching if you've hit "pause". A ctrl-c would then most likely un-pause. Since seti at default only updates the display at start wu, if pausing is the case, the current wu should immediately been done and a new starting...

Seti on the other hand exiting with an error-message not connected with upload/download is most likely an indication of a problem with the computer...

2nd July 2002, 21:25
Thanks Rattledagger. I'm guessing it's tghe suspend kicking in. I wonder why I didn't think of that? Much appreciated :)