View Full Version : Parhelia vs G400MAX?

Steve Snyder
29th June 2002, 06:02
All the benchmarks of of the Parhelia that I've seen were against nVidia's various offerings. This is reasonable given that they're the leader in 3D performance.

What I want to know it, how much will my 3D (think FPS games) performance improve when I upgrade from my current G400MAX to a retail Parhelia?

Can anyone point to a 3D performance comparison of these 2 products?


29th June 2002, 06:23

they benchmark against a g400max.

4th July 2002, 11:27
lol the Parhelia looses to the G400 max on Dungeon Siege 32bit @ 800x600 :eek:

4th July 2002, 15:22
Yeah, looks like a severe problem with driver performance.
OTOH this gives some hope that the card hardware-wise might not be that slow after all.

4th July 2002, 15:25
if anything it shows that the g400 is the sweetest card ever :)

4th July 2002, 17:34
Or they screwed the hardware BIG time...


6th July 2002, 11:53
Dungeon Siege is CPU-bound -- the graphics card doesn't affect performance nearly has much as the CPU does. I just upgraded from P3 to Athlon, and here are my results with my G400Max:

Pentium 3 504 MHz (112 MHz FSB)

Dungeon Siege 1024x768x32 21.05 fps
Quake 3 800x600x32 50.6 fps
Serious Sam 2 800x600x32 26.8 / 10.4 fps

Athlon XP 1466 MHz (no OC)

Dungeon Siege 1024x768x32 44.56 fps
Quake 3 800x600x32 61.4 fps
Serious Sam 2 800x600x32 41.4 / 19.7 fps

So if Dungeon Siege is what you're playing, get a beefier CPU instead of a new video card.