View Full Version : Don't shoot the messenger -- Order cancelled

25th June 2002, 14:34
I just thought, for the sake of information, you'd be interested in knowing at least one flight simmer has cancelled his order for the Parhelia.

I wish Matrox all the best of luck in the coming years -- they seem like a fine company, and competition is good for us all. In this particular arena, they've fallen short (but I'm sure they'll keep trying, and I'll keep rooting for them!)

25th June 2002, 17:49
Matrox Hardware? :)

Plus there's already a thread over there about cancellations.

Back to flight sims however, why isn't Parhelia any good for them all of a sudden?

25th June 2002, 17:52
Cause it doesn't have a joystick port. :D

25th June 2002, 18:30
Pace is quite correct.
There is already a thread in the Matrox Hardware forum for people to talk about if the are keeping their pre-orders or not.
We don't need a duplicate thread in here.