View Full Version : G400 AGP texture memory in Win2k

24th June 2002, 21:47
Since the search feature in the forum is not reliable, I am sorry that I have to repost the issue which I am sure that it had been discussed before.

The latest Matrox drivers 5.84.23 (beta) can only access 16MB AGP texture memory under Win2k. Is it an OS issue or Matrox driver issue? Is there a fix/patch/workaround that can overcome the 16MB AGP texture memory with G400 in Win2K?

This is not an issue for me, just curious to know. G200 and G400 has no problem accessing more than 16MB AGP texture memory (up to the avaiable system memory) in Win98SE.

25th June 2002, 11:48
"AGP Aperture Size - 256 to about anything higher than say 48MB, since settings that low tend to lessen the amount of AGP texture memory, or disable AGP texturing completely. It probably won't make much of a difference, as Win2k can't use more than 16MB of AGP textures"


25th June 2002, 11:53
Yes, it is an OS limitation.
There is a registry dword that can be added in XP to adjust this, but it's not available in 2K that I know of.

25th June 2002, 12:16
when I posted that thing up on my website, DiME cards could use 16MB and DMA 32 MB in win2k... with the latest detonator drivers I witnessed that nVidia (DMA) cards could use the aperture size as set in the BIOS in win2k. No idea how they solved that though, and I never bothered to find out, since the whole AGP texturing idea is questionable anyway.

Maybe Matrox might want to check out how they did that though :D