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24th June 2002, 17:14
Any Parhelia beta testers have any experience with the card under alternative platforms that they'd like to comment on? I for one am very eager to see what my next linux box might look like hardware-wise. ;)

24th June 2002, 17:35
Oh would I like to tell you that story! :rolleyes:

24th June 2002, 17:37
At least we've got a thread for it. when it's available. :)

25th June 2002, 01:09
Last I heard was that the Linux driver had been in development for some time and was to be available for download when the Parhelia was out but non of the regular beta testers had been testing it yet.

26th June 2002, 09:38
Mike, this is <I>my</I> non-existant story to tell!

27th June 2002, 04:37
ooohhh - a little wet patch

one of my desires for sure is to know

27th June 2002, 11:40
Well one good thing is that Haig responded to one of my posts on the Matrox forum, my post:

"Is there any way for you to find out if Matrox is going to be open about their hardware information like past cards, so that us Linux folk can write our own drivers. That's something that would really help quite a bit in my opinion. While I don't totally agree with the philosophy a majority of Kernel developers and other users refuse to use NVidia's cards on the basis that their Linux drivers are binary only. I would be greatly disappointed if Matrox chose this route as well."

Haig's response:

"I have been told that we will follow the same principle as our G series of cards with respect to available info.

Matrox Graphics
Technical Support Manager"


28th June 2002, 17:38
As far as open source drivers go... is it possible at all to use G450's or G550's without binary-only drivers at all yet?

29th June 2002, 02:15
I've been using a G550 with Mandrake 8.2 without installing any of the Matrox drivers. I do have hardware 3D enabled but don't actually use it, apart from the OpenGL screensavers which tend to lcok up the system occasionally.

30th June 2002, 17:30
Any dual-head or tv-out at that level yet?

Hmm... still no Parhelia-linux comments....

1st July 2002, 15:11
If you can live with 'Driver "mga"' & 'Option "UseFBDev"' on first head, and 'Driver "fbdev"' on secondary head, and if you'll patch XFree sources to allow two framebuffers living on one PCI device, you can have both TVOut and Dualhead in X because of there are available patches to kernel framebuffer to support these features: dualhead is in stock kernel, tvout & DVI are available through additional patches.


1st July 2002, 16:31

10th July 2002, 06:44
only real sticking point for my purchase is XFree support. Lame yes, but Id rather hear from the BB than risk a few months of hassle.

Still, always better to ride the second wave ... less likely to flip out onto some bozo

10th July 2002, 22:54
Well, what's to say, really?

11th July 2002, 12:46
Speaking for myself, Matrox has not contacted me about Linux beta testing since sometime in the middle of last year. I am therefore assuming that M is either testing in-house and finds that sufficient or that Linux support is not a top priority for them at present.

Most people who run games/3D on Linux get Nvidia cards anyway. Although the drivers are not open they are quite stable and frequently updated. As for Linux workstations, the G-series is quite well supported with the current drivers.

Supporting 3D driver development on Linux seems to be a lost cause at present for gfx companies, especially since Precision Insight/Va Linux went down the tubes. Those that do support development provide binary only drivers developed inhouse (Nvidia, PowerVR).

11th July 2002, 18:22
Tungsten Graphics is now the one in charge of doing the DRI stuff. They're working right now on the Radeon 8500. http://www.tungstengraphics.com/ http://dri.sourceforge.net/ So I wouldn't worry too much about how the linux 3D stuff is going. But I'm thinking that this time around that Matrox will do in-house 3D. I don't have any inside info. But, think about it. Even on their website it says "To be determined" for the win9x platform, and yet for Win NT4 and linux it says "Coming soon." To me that shows they're more concerned with getting Win NT4 and linux drivers out than they are Win9x. (and stop your complaining you old dinosaurs who refuse to upgrade your OS. Face it, your old games are just that, OLD. Use an emulator to run them if they won't run on newer operating systems.


12th July 2002, 23:04
I hope that the P drivers are not binaries for XFree86. Binary drivers hurt we BSD users. No *BSD user has hardware GL for any nVidia card because the kernel module is incompatable with *BSD.

14th July 2002, 02:09
Just to repeat :)

I need linux drivers before I can buy a Parhellia.

Steve Snyder
14th July 2002, 20:10
Originally posted by rugger
Just to repeat :)

I need linux drivers before I can buy a Parhellia.
"Me too". Ahem.

There's no point to owning hardware if it can't be driven. I'll replace my G400MAX with a Parhelia when the drivers are available for my Linux/Xfree86 machine and not before.

16th July 2002, 17:11
BSDGeek: Question for you, I tried installing FreeBSD 4.5 on my computer, but everytime I'd load the module for my SBLive 5.1 Value card it'd hard crash. Any ideas? I use linux most of the time (well stuck in windows now 'til they release Parhelia drivers) but was trying out FreeBSD to learn the alternatives. It simply did not like my SBLive 5.1.


17th July 2002, 17:42
Sorry I don't know what could be causing that, I never had trouble with my SBLive. I will look around online and see what I find.

Ok you are trying to use the kernel module. It appears that the kernel module will cause system hangs. Install the source and add a line with "device pcm" to the kernel config file then compile it.