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24th June 2002, 16:08
Apart from nearly swearing when saying it ;) What is it really, and how does it work?

24th June 2002, 16:23
It's a hardware median filter setting to blur the whole picture even further and then call the whole thing a FSAA technique.
(OK, this was a joke, of course. But still Quincunx while being FAST majorly blurs the whole image. It's only acceptable with simultaneous anisotropic filtering).

A quite good article about FSAA in general and the different techniques can be found here (http://www.3dcenter.de/artikel/anti-aliasing/) (in german, unfortunately)

25th June 2002, 11:49

Here is all you ever wanted to know about Quincunx:


It is a multisampling (as opposed to supersampling) FSAA technique which reduces jaggies better than 2xFSAA, but not as well as 4XFSAA. The benefit was supposed to be near 4XFSAA image quality at 2XFSAA speed.

In practice, however, Quincunx tended to blur everything... and I mean everything, from textures to on screen text. Results varied from game to game.

Most people with NVIDIA based cards use 2XFSAA or, when FPS is still acceptable, 4XFSAA.

All GeForce4 cards (both Ti and MX varients) now use multisampling for the FSAA. GeForce3 cards and below used supersampling for FSAA (except for Quincunx mode).