View Full Version : Antenna signal & wiring gurus....

Electric Amish
24th June 2002, 11:14
I have a situation that I don't understand. I thought is should work, but it doesn't for some reason. Anyway....

I currently have a DirectTV Satellite and a regular TV antenna. I have their respective signals fed into a Diplexer on the roof. I then have another Diplexer on the back of my TV to split the signal back out. This setup works great.

I thought I could just stick a splitter on the Diplexed line and make another run to my bedroom to another Diplexer there. This doesn't work. It hoses my original setup. My Satellite says there is a short in the line or something else is wrong when I stick in the splitter. I take the splitter out and then it works.

What's up? Why doesn't this work? I don't understand it.