View Full Version : GTA3 + Parhelia

23rd June 2002, 19:29
I was just wondering if anyone with a Parhelia has tried out GTA3, and if so, does it run smooth with all details maxed out (at 1024 X 768, 32BPP) and is it stable?

I only ask because my Radeon 7500 chugs through the cities, especially on Staunton Island, and tends to crash quite a bit and my G400 MAX is pretty much unplayable. A guy I know with a GeForce 4 Ti4600 even gets a bit choppy in some scenes.

I am not asking for FPS scores, I don't care about that useless information. I just want to know if it runs smoothly with all details at said resolution and mainstains this smoothness throughout the game. And also if you have experienced any card related crashes.

23rd June 2002, 20:49
Already covered. Check out the other threads. It works.