View Full Version : Has Anyone Tried Out NeverWinterNights?

22nd June 2002, 08:47
It was supposed to go gold on the 18th of June, but has been delayed here in Singapore and you have to pre-order it if you really want it and it might not even be available after the 28th! So has anyone got his or hers(seems only Scary Lizzy the only gal around here but there might be others lurking in the background):p hands on this game?? There are quite a number of rpg-ers here at MU, any comments on the game? or are they all at home immersed in it:rolleyes: ?

22nd June 2002, 09:39
Was pretty immersed in it last night myself. Great game so far. I get to play my chaotic neutral dwarf again! Big time fun! :D

Unfortunately my MAX is a bit behind the times.. hope the P gets here soon.. and with a great open GL icd.

22nd June 2002, 13:22
hey now.. i changed my avatar... im not scary anymore :P

22nd June 2002, 13:31
I have um...."recieved" the game so to speak, but I am not able to play it due to my system.

22nd June 2002, 14:35
:bunny: Liz, your new avatar looks a little like you're going to eat someone alive in a second... if that isn't scary, I don't know what ;)


22nd June 2002, 14:42
I think she looks much better with this picture, very nice smile. I love the long brown hair too.


22nd June 2002, 15:21
:bunny: I have yet to see any picture of her that doesn't look beautiful - but I liked the "angry" one best, it looked like it was bursting of energy :)


EDIT: Forgot the bunny

23rd June 2002, 11:16
Well I guess we all can agree she is beautiful in all her pics but scary nonetheless in some :p .

Anyone played a char with 3 classes? heard NWN is 3rd Ed rules so any annoyances in using more than 2 classes? I normally play half-elven ranger myself but feel although he is a very nice balance in everything (can cast druidic spells, hides like a rogue and is an accomplished fighter), i normally take on cross-class feats/skills to improve him (mainly thieving skills like pick lock and disarm trap). What do you all think of a ranger/sorcerer/rogue char (half-elven of course ;) ). Wanted to try out this combo to see if a one-man team can finish the game.

If not i am thinking of trying out an attack-oriented druid/rogue char (basically my own type of ranger) *grin* (The only long sword class for druid) Dual Scimitar/shortbow who can hide in shadows and ignore flank attacks.

23rd June 2002, 16:45
i tried it out.
first of all it looks VERY ugly on my g400 16mb, the textures are very blurry and 800x600x16 in general is ugly on a 19". it looks like a 3 year old game. and there is a nice texture corruption on the players (remember black&white? the same thing).
the game itself seems to be ok although the interface seem a bit uncomfortable. i was just testing a bit (with the monk) but as of now unplayable for me. and it would just steal too much time :)

24th June 2002, 09:59
Originally posted by az
:bunny: Liz, your new avatar looks a little like you're going to eat someone alive in a second... if that isn't scary, I don't know what ;)


yeah,.. i agree....i have that mischievous look on my face