View Full Version : Powerslide on Win2K?

18th June 2002, 00:27

has anyone running PowerSlide (one of the best racing games ever imho) on Win2000?

Tried to install it yesterday, but it simply refuses to work.
First i got "is not supported under NT". This was solved with updating it to the last version 1.04, but when starting it, the mouse pointer only changes to the sand clock.

After this i applied the compatibility update from Microsoft from March2001, but this hasn't helped too.

Any more ideas?


18th June 2002, 10:06
got this info from the Infogrames support:

We do not have any support information on PS compatibility with 2000. The
patch as you no doubt read is not supported by Infogrames.

Great, it's the official 1.04 patch by RatBag and they don't support it (but the support link on RatBag's site goes to Infogrames).

So, i'm still left out in the cold, no one out there with a solution for me? (i know i'm impatient :rolleyes: )