View Full Version : why was the radioactive bomb thread closed?

14th June 2002, 16:54

er.... did I miss something? it didnt seem to be too vitrollic?

I had a great post for you, Dr Mordrid.... A veritible essay on the economics of the US oil economy.... took me about an hour to write/research.... pressed submit - whammo its gone! :(

:confused: RedRed:confused:

14th June 2002, 21:06
Usually if you press "back" on your browser you can retrieve it...

14th June 2002, 21:17
That's odd....didn't seem like anything was going out of hand, etc. in that thread?

14th June 2002, 22:19
If I have told y'all once I have told y'all a hundred times that any thread that ends up in a discussion about the Middle East, and how the evil, wicked (even though they are a very, very, very small part of the middle east) Israelis are so oppressing the Arab world and how you Americans should sit back while us foreigns, who don't live in the US, tell you what the US is really all about, will either be closed or deleted.

If you have a problem with this then take it up with the forum admin over on the site feedback forum.