View Full Version : Bad field order output (dv1394) on g400max

12th June 2002, 08:11
If I have captured dv footage through my 1394card, I would like to be able to play that fullscreen on a television using dvdmax and ravisant matrox dvdplayer(g450version), but without stuttering image, it plays only well for two seconds just like my dvstorm analogue output, after that it starts to stutter, Dv footage is interlaced lower field first, it seems to me that the dvdmax option of my matroxcard is trying to deinterlace, it please help.

running latest powerdesk for g400max w2ksp2, dual 1 gigp3 2048 mbram sblive storm and nic

12th June 2002, 13:01
enable field based scaling in DVDMAX properties for dv codecs that don't deinterlace