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11th June 2002, 09:16
By 2nd Lt. Tony Wickman (source: Air Force Flight Test Center Public Affairs 05/31/02 - EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.)(AFPN)

Two Edwards F-15 Eagle pilots unknowingly helped the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department break up a gang-related incident May 18 while performing a flyby at the 43rd Annual Torrance Armed Forces Day parade.

According to Sgt. Brian Stover of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, the parade, which was to include the F-15 fly-by, was in progress when an individual began shooting in a park near the parade route. The department dispatched deputies to investigate, and once officials were on the scene, the situation deteriorated rapidly into a violent state, said Stover.

"When the deputies arrived, they questioned some locals and were pointed to a couple of suspects," said Stover. "The deputies took the individuals into custody, and then the family and friends of the victim came out to get some vigilante justice."

According to the sergeant, the park erupted, and people started attacking the deputies and the suspects. The deputies called for assistance, and more than 40 law enforcement people armed with rubber bullets, bean bag shotguns and pepper spray arrived from several local stations to help clear the park and restore order.

About that time, Lt. Col. Bill Thornton, commander of the 416th Flight Test Squadron here, and Maj. Carl Schaefer, also of the 416th, approached the area in preparation for their flyover.

"The first pass over the park made everyone stop and look at the F-15s," said Stover. "When they turned and made a second pass, it caused everyone to scatter and empty out of the park, much like when you turn on a light and roaches scatter."

Stover said because of the flyby the deputies avoided having to deploy a skirmish line, and said the Edwards crew helped deputies deploy without force or further injuries.

Thornton later said that he and Schaefer did notice the police cars in the park, but were unaware of the events taking place on the ground.

"We have a saying in the Air Force that 'timing is everything,'" Thornton said. "We are thrilled that our flights, although inadvertent, were able to help the police restore order and prevent further violence."
Wednesday, June 5 2002

Dr Mordrid
11th June 2002, 10:30
One way to get their attention when a 2x4 to the forehead fails.....

Maybe they should make a new policy to scramble a couple of Eagles every time they have a riot :D

Dr. Mordrid

11th June 2002, 10:50
A-10's would be nastier :devious:

12th June 2002, 04:59
Can you imagine a 'rubber' bullet from the main gun on an A10?


12th June 2002, 06:39
Now while the Gatlin gun on an A10 is most impressive, I'd think a Harrier would be more effective... think about the jet exhaust litterally skattering people while hovering! :eek:

12th June 2002, 07:12

World record in dispersing crowds! :devious: