View Full Version : NTFS or FAT32?

5th June 2002, 14:11
Pros and Cons?
Inquiring minds want to know. :confused:

5th June 2002, 14:44
Yeah that question was in my mind for some time now. Im using NTFS but for no particular reason i thought i will try something differant :D

5th June 2002, 15:33
If you do any vidcapturing you WILL want to use NTFS, because it allows files >2/4GB (an average capture of a movie here is 40-60GB). It's more stable (no Scandisks/lost clusters after each crash).

BUT: you only can access NTFS with Win2000 and XP (yes, NT too, if the respective upgrades were applied). No Win98 and/or Linux (access maybe possible with third party software here).
And: IF something goes wrong it's a hell of a lot easier to recover data from a FAT32 partition / HD than from a NTFS one.

5th June 2002, 18:16
I'd debate how easy it is or isn't to recover data from FAT32 partitions vs. NTFS ones.

But one thing is quite clear - drive sharing is infinitely easier with correct permissions set up. And setting up permissions is an NTFS thing, now innit?

- Gurm

Dr Mordrid
5th June 2002, 18:22
NTFS is essential for video editing. I also find that NTFS volumes survive things that would have caused major problems with FAT of any stripe.

Yes, permissions in NTFS are very easy to set up. Handy when your 4 year old's system is on the network :D

Dr. Mordrid

5th June 2002, 19:30
You can access NTFS partitions in Mandrake 8.2 At least I can access my NTFS formatted XP partition from within Mandrake 8.2

5th June 2002, 19:31
I think NTFS can more effieciently pack files in as well, it just be me but the same amount of files seem to take less room on a NTFS partition than a fat32 partition(especially large partitoions)

the only reason I use fat32 nowdays if I have to have a parttion shared been windows and linux.

5th June 2002, 22:05
Unlike FAT, NTFS is a journaling filesystem. Basically it keeps a log of what it's doing on disk so if your system crashes or the power goes out the chances of trashing the filesystem are much smaller. The log lets NTFS repair damage more quickly and effectively.
This is why NT, etc. don't have to run chkdsk after a crash or cold reboot.

5th June 2002, 23:33
One disadvantage of ntfs is when the system goes down and the bonzo hasn't backed up the data. Okay theres ways of getting round it but nothing is easier than slipping a boot disk in and moving the data of a fat32 system.

6th June 2002, 05:14
Well, NTFS it is!
In fact the convert process was amazingly fast.
Now I need to decide about our shared RAID. :D