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11th May 2002, 23:05
how do i get proper tone controls in linux...
i tried many drivers:

1. the regular driver that comes with the linux kernel, no controls whatsoever, with kernel version 2.2 or 2.4

2. the ALSA driver.. 0.5 didnt have the controls... 0.9 did, but for some reason, they dont do anything, i move them all the way up and down but no change in sound.... (maybe not compatible with my OEM version or something ?!?!)

3. the emu10k1 driver by creative.. emu10k
i tried that and enabled the controls using the script
that comes with emu-tools

seemed to work using emu10k1 driver, but when i put bass/treble to full, sounds a little distorted for both... sounds OK when i put to 83 though... could i be doing something wrong?

anyone have any suggestions/tips for me under linux... also how to get bass/treble controls without using a module, ie is there a patch for the kernel

any other info for this sound card helpful

12th May 2002, 03:57
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14th May 2002, 03:57
I use Gmixer and the standard kernel module (2.4.18) on Debian (Sid) and it works fine (I think) I'll give it a try when I get home, since I am in the NON-OS now (Non-Operating being the key part) and I have to get ready for work in a few minutes.


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15th May 2002, 20:13
well i just recently tried to compile the driver in the kernel and downloaded emu-tools, which has a script that enables the tone controls... and it worked... still tone controls are distorted (eg 100% bass in windows = ~85% bass in linux) but i can live with it... :ermm:

i guess debian runs this script automatically, or maybe they modify the kernel,... slackware, on the other hand, does neither...

btw, the mixer program has nothing to do with it, it still accesses the device /dev/mixer ... so aumix, kmix, gmix, or any other mixer program would do the same thing :)