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Parhelia Pro256
8th May 2002, 18:43
Just wanted to get it warmed up :D :D :D

9th May 2002, 02:13
I'm waiting for some benchmarks of P.


10th May 2002, 07:01
arent you guys just a littel early ... LOL

I had an idea of why the two bright spots either side of the one in the middle - they could still be releasing a new G550 with ear-casting or something.. but with good 2D quality :)

10th May 2002, 23:04
It'll probably be called the G575 :p

11th May 2002, 02:19
so thats like 12.5 points per ear... cool

so by that rationale arse casting would give us 800 cos it is proportionatley larger than ears.. can someone work out the percentages for body parts? The possibilities are endless.. this is big... cool... nail casting, nostril casting, zit casting ...

11th May 2002, 07:37
Dispite the fact that I already own a G550, this time I am going for the G575 for their RenderSubjectNudeCasting :rolleyes: :p

11th May 2002, 12:48
I'm already really exited... ;)

What I fear most, is that the cards are to expensive.....only time will show....

12th May 2002, 08:17
links in sig

12th May 2002, 08:58
Hmmmm ... bootmeup's info say's he/she has zero posts. Bug or hack? :confused:

12th May 2002, 09:00
or the counter is broken...

12th May 2002, 09:19
had i long bad lag, when i posted, so maybe that why?

12th May 2002, 11:39
how do you benchmark RSN anyways...

12th May 2002, 23:02
I can think of a few ways :D I'm sure the rest of you can too :)


13th May 2002, 15:05
That is a pretty impressive score for a G400.:)

13th May 2002, 16:59
I think i could get more, but the 165Mhz bus with maybe 83mhz for the apg bus is about the limit with my Iwill KK266-R (only SDR Sdram) for the Matrox G400 that i have. I'm sure you guys with the newer chip set KT333, could maybe get more,with about the same or lower the APG speed and have a better bandwidth on the memory with DDR near or around 185Mhz- 200Mhz and the APG bus speed 74Mhz - 80Mhz, plus i run APG at only 2X and you could run it maybe at 4X.

But sofar I have and still hold the top scores with a Matrox type V-card, with my G400. Which is suppose to be a G400 Max, but show as only a G400, it is a replacement one that i got for my G400Max that was dieing. It benches about the same as the one that it replace, the box show Replacement/Refurbished G4+MMDHA32G. Only thing I see is it will not do APG 4X now for some reason, as the one that I 1st bought said APG 4X on the box and could run APG 4X, but it could be something i have overlooked or the newer drivers just dont offer it on install.

Parhelia Pro256
14th May 2002, 08:04
Enough with the G400 :)

15th May 2002, 01:27
Originally posted by bootmeup
I think i could get more

Me too :D

Could you kindly reveal which drivers did U use? What were mem/core frequencies?

I got crappy 1800 3DMarks with my rig :(

15th May 2002, 15:55
for drivers i use what ever the newest one are for win2000. On overclocking, I would say 1st you need to cool the G400 better as it runs to hot stock, with better cooling on the gpu and memory you will find that it will OC nice. I also have installed 2 120mm fans in the case side cover to blow fresh cooler air on the G400.

some g400 will do better then other, as my 1st one would run about 9mhz more on the core and 12mhz on the memory, but i had a intel setup at that time and slower CPU and win98.

1800 is a very nice score

15th May 2002, 16:30
i think this forum is gonna become very busy when the Parhelia arrives hehe

17th May 2002, 22:48

4151 3DMarks (3DMark 2000) with P3-875MHz

3968 3DMarks (3DMark 2000) with P3-1400MHz, G400MAX @ 111%

322.4 MTexels/s - must... check... my... scores... aaarrrhgg...:mad: