View Full Version : Sync on Green on a G450 under linux?

7th May 2002, 14:07
Anyone ever tried using a G450 on a sync_on_green monitor under linux? (it's a HP A2094A 20" dual scan SONY OEM i guess)
I've upgraded my millenium pci, and SoG stopped working :(
I've tried

fbset -csync on -gsync on
Option "Sync-on-green" in XF86Config-4
append="video=matrox:vesa:0x118,sync=0x28" in lilo.conf

the kernel (2.4.17) has everything that needs, X even shows that:
(**) MGA(0): Sync-on-Green enabled
but all i see is the ants running everywhere on my display thing :(
i've tested it on a different monitor (sony g200) and the picture is ok and everything is fine - but the SoG :(
any help would be appreciated

14th May 2002, 14:54
tried the G450 in a windows box, powerstrip succesfully enables Sync On Green and Composite Sync.
So it is a problem with
a) the linux kernel matrox driver
b) the generic matrox way of turning SoG on fails (X11 and fbset are both non-working) on the g450, but powerstrip somehow makes it.
I can't find any more information on the net, so I'm contacting the matroxfb developer, see if he can give me any clues why it's not working..
If anyone knows what could be the problem..