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Amiga Blitter
22nd April 2002, 11:54
A star? A sun? Colors? Vibrant Color Quality 3?


22nd April 2002, 12:20
"bright" is the opposite of "dark" ... :P :D :p

22nd April 2002, 12:42
"bright" is staring at a laser or the sun or my flashlight :p

22nd April 2002, 12:45
Originally posted by Amiga Blitter
A star? A sun? Colors? Vibrant Color Quality 3?

The glow made by the external power supply the card needs?

P.S. It's cool. all those hints and i cannot understand a single thing! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

22nd April 2002, 13:29
Something like when you drive your car really hard* it will glow in the dark. The first gfx card with a turbocharger ever.


*turbocharged engines only

22nd April 2002, 13:31
And there is the MAX version of course.


22nd April 2002, 13:40
rofl, what exactly is that turbo from????

a train, ship or a planet shifter???

22nd April 2002, 13:44
Heh that's not a turbo, that's the blower on my Athlon! :D

22nd April 2002, 13:45

I need to modify my case to fit one of those!

22nd April 2002, 13:50
Q: What's bright?

A: ALBPM's bunghole after a night of jalapeno's :D

Dr Mordrid
22nd April 2002, 13:54

Whatthehell kind of fuel was that thing running, nitromethane?

I've run a couple of turbocharged cars in road races but NEVER have I seen one THAT hot....

I can just imagine how long the spark cables last :eek:

Dr. Mordrid

23rd April 2002, 00:27
I'm guessing the glowy red one is an upgraded unit, running much higher boost than the manufacturer would ever recommend. As for the other one, it was picture from a "caption this" thread on another board. No I don't know what machine it's from (a very large truck perhaps? edit: it's probably from a large dynamo, a device used in powerplants to generate very large amounts of electricity). And no, it won't fit in your car. ;) Don't even think about it.

23rd April 2002, 00:45
You guys are way too funny.

Manifolds glow red on many vehicles when running under full load. Not just turbocharged vehicles either. It's nothing special or unusual. If you were to put a camera inside most engine bays, when running high load, you would see a similar picture.


23rd April 2002, 00:55
Not to mention that this pic was probably with a digital camera and thus can see into the infrared region much more so than anyone's eyes...

23rd April 2002, 00:57
While I am sure the camera will pick up the brightness of heat better than our eyes would, I think that you will actually see that under the hood of most any car that is being run hard.

A good example would be to take a motorhome with a standard V8 engine in it and run it without the doghouse on the freeway and accelerate up a hill....mmmm Cherry flavored manifolds! :)


23rd April 2002, 01:00

23rd April 2002, 01:04
yeah, or its running a bit lean.
I have seen few red pipes myself, caining a motor bike along the highway at night will usually get the pipes glowing a pretty yellow/red

23rd April 2002, 15:48
actually - the original saab99 turbo would glow like a cherry after only a few miles flat out! thsi is in the old days the first production turbos.....

the scary thing was, if the engine had 'glowed out', and you stopped for a SHORT time in one of these (say at a filling station on a motor-way) AND if your turbo had 30K + miles.... you could 'Pop the turbo' - shatter it! it was due to the case expanding (or was it contracting?) at a different rate to the fan blades.... they spent a time partially seized!


23rd April 2002, 16:06
my current baby project.... The one I have is stripped to the bare metal, but I have had the manifold cooking!

(mine in a Mk 1 Triumph 2000, BTW, 1967.

No musscle, this one, but its straight 6 runs as sweet as anything current..... (well almost ;) )

next year, she will ride again :) (though I said that last year:)


23rd April 2002, 16:19
RedRed: yieks! a sixties british touring / sport car...

drooooooool.... :) :classic:

you found my weak spot.

Too bad that I don't have money yet to make my dream come true... :ermm: :(

23rd April 2002, 16:31

she is an old tourer/family car.... but with the same engine as a herald vitesse... or a Triumph GT6..... (big webber carbs fitted... :) )

I have had her for 10 years now.... and she is undergoing her second rebuild (I am doing it right this time)...

She wasnt expensive....(I swapped her for an Atari ST!!!!!) (it took 5 months of welding and learning mechanics to get her road worthy the first time, perhaps 900.00 in parts....)

its fun to get your 'hands dirty once in a while'...... she NEVER let me down......

She lives with my parents now.... My wife wants to put the washing machine in the GARAGE!!!! AGGGGGH
:rolleyes: :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :beard: :cry: :devious: :


Amiga Blitter
24th April 2002, 14:50
I have received another e-mail.
A guy (from an hardware site) was present yesterday at the Matrox press conference but it has signed, off course, another NDA. I believe that this guy are working very well for a new cool article and hardware test.

We have to wait....


25th April 2002, 13:33
ROTFLMBHO!!!!!!!!:eek: :eek: