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20th April 2002, 01:59
Friday, April 19, 2002

The science behind and coming out of Genome@home is charging ahead full steam. We're submitting a second research paper next week which outlines an exciting proof-of-concept application of the Genome@home data set to protein structure prediction, a hot field in the post-genomic era. Two recent talks about Genome@home, one at Carleton University in Ottawa and another here at Stanford, were well-received. I'll be presenting our current work and some new results at the Protein Society Annual Symposium in August.


My recent focus on our scientific activities has really eaten into my time spent on G@h2.0. However, most of our new work relies on having the G@h2.0 architecture up and running, so it's getting most of my time these days. Aside from the client itself, I've been working on bulletproofing the stats system and thinking about ways to integrate our stats into the Folding@home project as well, so that users can run both projects, and look at their credits for one or the other or both. I think I've come up with a scheme that will allow this in a meaningful and straightforward way, without removing any of the functionality of the current G@h stats system or in any way penalizing users that only run G@h.


I've started some work, together with Amit Garg, on setting up an enhanced website interface to our results database, which would be useful to other scientists and protein researchers. Amit's pretty busy with course work and med school applications, so this new element might not appear until the summer.