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19th April 2002, 05:23
- on the 16/04/2002 's EVENING, Matrox organized in PARIS a meeting with several Journalists from the press (paper) (and may be netpress?)

- on the 17/04/2002 at 3:44 am, (as you know) the Web Master of Hardware.Fr posted overexcited a strange teaser news:
"2 x GeForce4 Ti = ???"
it witch he clain that one of the following "3D Labs Permedia4, ATI R300, BitBoyz Glaze3D, Matrox Parhelia, NVIDIA NV30, Videologic Kyro III " will be annonced within a month.

=> plz note that the office of Hardware.fr are located in LYON 2hours train from Paris ;)

- on the 18/04/2002 when overasked about his questionable post the Webmaster or Hardware.fr (HFR) aka Marc , wrote:

"clearly Nvidia and ATI used against each other pre press releases to try to prevent the customer from buying opponents card.. Why should they be the only 2 players of this game :> "

he later wrote " It's not Trident ;) "

later again when ask if he went to buy some stocks from this Mysterious card maker he said:
"first such company might not be in the stock market ;) second its not when you do small quantity of high end products that you put your compagny on the stock exchange"

Well we all knew it
... so I aint got news for you I guess :D (start saving, should be in shop in Jully)

I edited some syntax & grammatical errors

19th April 2002, 05:27
It is true that Matrox is privately owned and therefore you can't buy stock in the company nor is it listed on the stock exchanges. :D

Joel :D

19th April 2002, 05:35

19th April 2002, 06:14
Woohoo indeed :)

19th April 2002, 06:23
Originally posted by Ant
Woohoo indeed :)

Seen that "Woohoo indeed :) " already by Ant.

anway............ WOOOT WOOOOT ! WOW

19th April 2002, 06:57
That's right, I've followed the thread on the forum and Marc was really excited about what he saw ! Unfortunately he didn't montion any Cie but from what he said........ MATROX is the one !!!! :D

Merci Marc !!!!

PS: j'ai l'impression que de plus en plus de gens d'HFR participent sur MURC depuis peu.... :p

19th April 2002, 07:32
Il ya de plus en plus de français qui achetent des cartes Matrox aussi non?;)

ANyway, its the best place to get Matrox info so that i can dribble for hours on end.....:D

19th April 2002, 07:41
What is HFR?

J'ai compris le reste mais j'ai aucune idée c'est qui ou quoi HFR.

19th April 2002, 07:50

19th April 2002, 07:56
Merci mec! :up: