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18th April 2002, 14:51

put it in bablefish:

iagram chip with PowerVR similar technology of Trident?

Like our colleagues of hard commodity report to Trident yesterday a new diagram chip presented. This diagram chip carries the name XP4 again and is DirectX 8,1 compatibly. With the diagram chip it concerns around a Model which for the Notebook application conceived itself. It is manufactured in 0,13 technology, bring along fully programmable pixels and Vertex a Shader and is with " PowerVR similar " speech ring technology (Tile Based Rendering) high Frame rates on the display charms. The chip is clocked with 250Mhz and finds, by a 128bit memory interface which with up to 333Mhz RAM Tackt (which comes equal practically 666 mc/s) for GDR SDRAM support, link to the diagram memory.

By its small number of transistors (30 million) it is relatively favorably in the production and used up besides only 3 Watt. Thus it has the best performance pro Watt relation in diagram cards the chip sector according to specification of Trident. Allegedly twice as highly like comparable diagram chips of ATI or n-Vidia.

Tech information

• 1Gpixel/sec filling rate with 250Mhz chip clock (4 pipelines).
• full support of DX 8,1 pixel and Vertex Shader.
• up to 8 textures per pixel (probably by loop-bake).
• support of 128bit and 64bit GDR RAM up to 333Mhz.
• up to 10,4GB/sec bandwidth.
• 30Mio. Transistors, manufactured in 0.13?m.
• max. current consumption of scarcely 3 Watts.
• Stromstparende measures (CoolPower).
• Motion Compensating and IDCT.

The XP4 offers the simultaneous output on monitor, flat display and TV output with Multi View. It creates dissolution of up to 2048x1536 pixel or 1024x768. (with the TV Out) by the support of Motion a Compensation and iDCT (inverse Discrete Cosine transformation) in hardware sinks the PCU LOAD when playing DVD`s over up to 15%.

The time is the XP4 to the manufacturers as test sample at the disposal. According to Trident there is to be two further models of the XP4 starting from in the middle of May diagram chips. The XP4m16 and the XP4m32. These two chip-corrode an integrated diagram memory in each case will possess and the possibility will thus offer still flatter Notebooks to manufacture.

Whether it of Trident also a Desktop version of this diagram chip will not give is well-known yet. To assume it is however Trident is also in this diagram chip segment actively (e.g. Blade XP) " cheap " with Trident " conquered " a further diagram chip manufacturer the market of the DirectX 8,1 diagram chips, which for large support on the part of the plays manufacturers for DirectX 8,1 hope laest. Because if even those possess cheaply PC from the Aldi etc. soon DirectX 8,1 diagram cards, thus diagram cards with pixel and Vertex Shader, this technology of the large mass becomes accessible.

Regarding Matrox I must say that I would have never thought the Matrox by all diagram chip manufacturers in the diagram chip technology would ever be overhauled. With SIS & Trident this occurred however now. None the manufacturer has still no chip on the market thrown which at least fully DirectX7 or 8 would be compatible, except, except Matrox. It their fastest Model, which G550 is still based a diagram chip on the market of which from the 3DKern on DirectX6. There one as Matrox " info. side operator " can sink already in the ground * seuftst *

what do we think of this?

18th April 2002, 14:57
Interesting...and bablefish translations really gives you a headache.

18th April 2002, 14:58
Originally posted by Novdid
Interesting...and bablefish translations really gives you a headache.

yeah they do :D I'm glad I can read some german ;)

18th April 2002, 14:59
on the trident page:


18th April 2002, 16:20
Whats this bit mean?

. There one as Matrox " info. side operator " can sink already in the ground * seuftst *

Anybody have any idea?


18th April 2002, 16:33
kinda means:

as a matrox-site-operator one could really sink into the ground [it is a german saying for being ashamed, i dunno if you say that in uk/us too] *sigh*

18th April 2002, 16:46
BUT he got the facts wrong - the chip will NOT use a tile-based rendering architecture, no deferred rendering, no hidden surface removal. What it WILL do is use a tile-based frame buffer which isn't organized in scanlines, but in groups of pixels ("tiles") to improve locality, according to ace's (www.aceshardware.com).

And many do believe that the chip does much of what it's supposed to do in software, thus being able to just consist of a "measly" 30 million transistors.

As a sidenote, I think the guy from planet matrox should have a little more faith in his favorite video card company, and he should DEFINATELY improve on his grammar&spelling - was hard enough to read without babelfish ;)


19th April 2002, 00:43
az - concerning that guy, I am not surprised at all anymore. What he posts on his page varies from being questionable to ridiculous.

Must be some 10 - 15 year old school lad ...


19th April 2002, 20:08
but he was right with the 3D Prophet 4500's noisy fan - both my 4500's fans have become LOUD lately... time to do something about it :)


20th April 2002, 02:40
Originally posted by az
but he was right with the 3D Prophet 4500's noisy fan - both my 4500's fans have become LOUD lately... time to do something about it :)


just call hercules tech support, and they will send you a new fan by mail, worked for me. :)

20th April 2002, 19:05
az - have you ever seen my G400 mod ? Do a search on the fori or send me a pm, I will send you the pics then. Cooling is not a prob any more to me ... :D