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11th April 2002, 20:03
This (http://www.msnbc.com/news/736392.asp?cp1=1) would be very cool :cool:

12th April 2002, 07:26

1. Image quality. I realize this is going to be primarily for digital monitors, but manufacturers have a hard enough time making a WIRED monitor look good and reject interference.

2. Bandwidth. Let's see...

1280*1024*16bpp = 20971520 bits per frame
= 2621440 bytes per frame
= 2560 KB/frame = 2.5 MB/frame

If we assume this is crappy LCD technology, which only supports 20fps (50ms pixel response), you still need to push 50MB every second over this WIRELESS link.

Since I have personally never seen a wireless link capable of pushing 50MB/sec., I am VERY skeptical that this device works the way they'd like us to think that it works.

Now, if it's an analogue device, then we're talking MAJOR interference and display degradation.

Anyone want to comment here?

- Gurm

12th April 2002, 07:42
I think that the fact Bill Gates is touching it than no good can come out of this!

But seriously, I agree with Gurm and the major distortion theory. If this ever comes out to the public it won't take long before people will throw their wireless monitor out the window without worrying that the tower will follow! :D

12th April 2002, 09:13
I still think that the report is misgiving!
It is obviously a striped down laptop! (ie mem,gfx,sound,cpu)
That get everything else through the wireless conection!

12th April 2002, 09:28
Why not stop guessing and read the <a href="http://www.viewsonic.com/products/airpanel100.htm#specs" target="_blank">announcement</a>


12th April 2002, 09:35
It's not a wireless monitor. It's stripped down WinCE device with a Terminal Services client and an 802.11b network adapter. The desktop must be "remote desktop" enabled (ie. WinXP or higher). I don't think it will connect to a W2K Terminal Server, it has to be tied to a single workstation.