View Full Version : Parhelia in Leicester?

Fat Tone
10th April 2002, 01:51
Seen this morning on the A6 entering Leicester: A large american-style jeep with the registration plate "I NDA" :D

World premier of parhelia in UK?

Ant - did you take a trip cross-country this morning? ;)


10th April 2002, 02:39
What you "saw" was actually a canadian vehicle being displacement mapped.

How´s that for rendering quality, eh?


Fat Tone
10th April 2002, 02:48
That explains the bumper sticker "I swerve for NVidiots...NOT" :D

Image quality was fantastic, of course. Even the motion blur was believable (or was that my hangover?) :D

10th April 2002, 03:07