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9th April 2002, 13:56
A chap on Beyond3d has said in a recent post said that he saw a G800 but because he was under NDA at the time he couldnt reveal anything. He also said it would have been OK if it had been released earlier. Just curious, did anyone else on these forums get a chance to see one and have chosen not to disclose it .

Regards MD

9th April 2002, 14:28
If anyone did see one...they wouldnt be able to talk about And what I can gather from the BetaBoys...they dont get hardware untill about a month before it hits retail or so... the info is suspect. Anyway the G550 gets reported as a G800 in power strip. I'm guessing that the G800 had 128bit memory on it and some form of TL on it that got cut down to a G550 to make it cheap....there was talk of it being underfunded or something along those lines.


9th April 2002, 14:55
I still don't get it why they didn't release it! I gues the G550 have alot of "unused" features on chip. Since some chips even have G800 writen on them, I belive they haven't redesiged the chip, just produced it in 64Bit memory, and disabled something in BIOS & Drivers

Mad Maxtrox
9th April 2002, 16:39
The 800 became the 550 because of cost and return on the value of benefit. The 550 form was very cost effective and easy to sell to OEM's.

But that doesn't matter anymore. That will not happen with the new products, so don't worry.

...............just get your bank account ready..........;)

10th April 2002, 00:30
Originally posted by Mad Maxtrox

...............just get your bank account ready..........;)
Dont worry MadM. I have just been notified that I will receive a bonus this year from my company. The money has already been *allocated* :)

Regards MD

10th April 2002, 06:58
IIRC matrox gave some presentaion on matrix skinning, before the g800 project got into problems.

I think the g800 would have been the first chip with a vertex-shader(static perhaps).
one can also question why the embm is different on the g550, was the g800 supposed to do it in a different way? the GF3 does embm with its pixelshaders...

but this is all speculation of course. :p