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4th April 2002, 00:03
what is the actual difference???


4th April 2002, 00:19
cable: is a single line that connects all users(in your area).

ADSL:gives a dedicated line to your local exchange(shares with your phone line)

cable:upload speed is closer to the download speed(I think)

ADSL: upload is usually 1/4 of your download speed

cable:will slow down if you have a LOT of user sharing the cable

ADSL: you get your own line..(but it is less reliable)

I think the max cable speed is a lot higher(10Mb) than the max adsl speed(1.5mB)..

in Australia cable is a good 20% cheaper..but is only available in some areas, ADSL is avaliable in a lot more areas..

usually if you can get cable it would usually be better than ADSL, if you can't get cable go for ADSL..

4th April 2002, 00:55
Max ADSL speed 8192/2048

4th April 2002, 01:37
that sounds right guru, pity we can only get 1.5M max here, and even then we pay through nose

4th April 2002, 03:28
There Is a cheap "lite" version of ADSL that only alows 1,5mb....
It's cheaper for the phone company :rolleyes:

4th April 2002, 07:09
Well. to answer Paddy´s question.

ADSL means something, it is a technique, it´s defined.

Broadband means nothing, there is no definition. You can define broadband to whatever you like.

If you define broadband to > 5 mbit/sec. the difference is obvious, since ADSL can´t supply that speed.

If you define broadband to > 0,5 mbit/sec, ADSL is broadband.
In Sweden, this is the definition phonecompanies use.


4th April 2002, 08:23
And the "Official" value that the goverment set was 2mbit.....

4th April 2002, 08:39
But rubank, ADSL can supply >5mb/s :D


Electric Amish
4th April 2002, 08:41
Originally posted by Marshmallowman
cable:upload speed is closer to the download speed(I think)

Actually, cable around my parts is 1.5mb down and 128kb up.


4th April 2002, 10:03
Cable is shared among a group... this pipe's bandwidth is fixed and commonly over sold. Thus as member usage increases your effective bandwidth goes down... typically bad after school (2:30-5:00pm) and in the evening (7-11pm)/weekends

DSL on the other hand is a dedicated line and bandwidth... not affected by such problems

1.5mbps limit common in the US most likely has todo with the FCC regulations on DSL carrier power levels... as to not cause interference with other services... many types of communication cables can be routed together and are alot of times.

If cable is doing this then they are able to support at least 70% more customers.

5th April 2002, 09:25
My Videotron cable is usually 2.7 Mbps download, 120 Kbps upload. Not very good when playing UT.

5th April 2002, 09:41
Here in the UK, Telewest (cable provider) has said that it's going to play 'full-contact broadband' with BT (ADSL provider). In response to BT's price drop of ADSL, Telewest have announced a FREE 1MB upgrade to all current users of their 512/128 service later in the year!! :)

5th April 2002, 10:01
I love technology rich Japan. If I lived in a new appartment in tokyo I'd have 100Mbs fibre. but as I live in an old appartment I just have to make do with 8Mb down and 1Mb up dsl :D

Mind you I saw an ad the other day for 30Mb cable


5th April 2002, 10:13
I wonder how much of that is the "technology rich" and how much is the "insanely dense population" factor. Networking technology costs rise as distance increases, and Japan has a lot of customers/mile.

5th April 2002, 10:16
umm could be that population density thing ;)
My area is fairly quiet only 9000 per square KM or so :D