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Amiga Blitter
3rd April 2002, 10:57
The landscape matrox GDC demo remember me the g400 technology demo.

Look at the Menu

Add/remove features.

Are the creator of the demo the same guys that develop the g400 demo???


3rd April 2002, 11:57
well, Digital Illussions made the g400 techdemo(and did a great job IMO).
they also made the game that was bundled with the g200 mystique(motorhead, i think).

i donīt know if they still work with matrox. my guess is that someone else will make the parhelia techdemo, but that is just a guess.

i think we will find the creator among those who has made g400 patches for their game though(it is a long list :) )

has matrox done any techdeoms themselves? or do they always hire a thirdpaty software company?

I donīt think we will see a gamebundle that takes great advantage of all the parhelia features. unlike the old embm, displacement mapping isnīt just a last minute change, if you want it used right, like for example a terrain engine that uses dmaps, and only works on a parhelia. of course you might be able to just replace ordinary bumbmaps with dmaps, i donīt know, but if that is the case we might see a optimized bundled game afterall. games that only ran on a specific vga is (thank goodness) a dying trend from the voodoo-age. my guess is that the bundled game might just be a normal dx8.1 game.

BTW wasnīt Digital Illussions famous for their pinball-games for the amiga a long time ago??

3rd April 2002, 13:11
Originally posted by TDB
BTW wasnīt Digital Illussions famous for their pinball-games for the amiga a long time ago??


They were!

In the good old time when Code optimizing was an art! (nowdays its "Well it manages 5fps on a P3 500 so there is no need to optimize" :rolleyes: )

3rd April 2002, 13:29
i think the lithtech engine may reveal something, won't that do displacement maps or something???

i seem to remember a game called new world order popping up somewhere aswell

3rd April 2002, 21:59
A 'new world order' website is online

They mention 'deformable geometry' , which sounds like a feature that could be implemented using DM.
The screenshots look promising IMHO.