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3rd April 2002, 09:04
Hi guys...

I Just installed a Modem Blaster PCI card and all was well for a while. Now, sometimes when I try to connect using a dial up, the mouse cursor locks up for about 15 seconds, then releases, then about another 30 seconds later I get Error 626 Modem not detected. Well, if I go to modem diagnostics I get the answerback string and all seems to be fine, but the dial up still cannot detect it. A restart or a reboot will fix the problem, but sometimes two or three reboots in succession are needed, and it is getting annoying.

Also, device manager lists the modem and HCFMODEM enumerator separately. Is this OK?

I don't know if this is relevant, but I first noticed this after installation and first automatic online use of TurboTax.

And, as a separate issue, a pal is using WinXP and cannot get into the bios. He says he gets no onscreen chance to hit "delete", and holding it down gives a keyboard error.

Any ideas on these issues? Thanks a lot

3rd April 2002, 11:44
About the modem;

Deinstall Turbotax!

Reinstall the modem with newest drivers!


Get a new one!


Try tapping the del key at bootup.
Ami bioses are realy quick

If Phoenix bios: F2 key

Compaq: F10

Some models from different manufactors (Dell, Compaq etc etc) sometimes has the Bios controll on a partition!
And if that Partition is deleted then Bios is unreacheable!

3rd April 2002, 12:11
Yes, when in doubt reinstall I suppose.


3rd April 2002, 21:29
reinstalling is always good
--also get Lavasoft's adaware (http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software.html) spyware remover & try that.
--on that note, did AOL get installed along with Turbotax?

good luck

3rd April 2002, 22:38

I am runnig Adaware already. Nice programme - it catches something most times I run it (usually doubleclick)

No, but it tried to.

4th April 2002, 16:01
Winmodems suck!

4th April 2002, 16:11
yes they do, although I have mine working perfectly in win98se, winxp and mandrake 8.2, even giving me occasional connection speeds of 53333 kbps.